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    Little Ladies' Day Screenshot Contest (NA) - Winners!


    We would like to congratulate the following winners of the Little Ladies' Day Screenshot Contest! We will be coordinating with the Delivery Moogles to have your Mandragora Choker sent to your inbox and we’ll be sure to let you know once they have been sent out.

    There were so many spectacular entries and we had a great time going through them, but it was really tough deciding. On behalf of the FFXIV team we would like to thank everyone who contributed.

    You can check out the winning entries at the Official FFXIV Facebook Page here or you can click on the winner's names below to see them individually. Drop by, check them out, and be sure to give us a like to receive the latest FFXIV news!
    1. Evangeline Kavanagh (Original Post)
    2. Falmie Lirien (Original Post)
    3. Tannlore Belegeria (Original Post)
    4. Merciless Marquess (Original Post)
    5. Kyeema Unkara (Original Post)
    6. Ircel Zeroslash (Original Post)
    7. Ferah Isis (Original Post)
    8. Fleurette Luluya (Original Post)
    9. Celeste Bloodstone (Original Post)
    10. Akino Miyazawa (Original Post)

    11. Alice Liddel (Original Post)
    12. Clara Lux (Original Post)
    13. Aethyr Zero (Original Post)
    14. Mattoid Shappo (Original Post)
    15. Neko Don (Original Post)
    16. Haku Shadowchild (Original Post)
    17. Naih Renahla (Original Post)
    18. Nyx Erebos (Original Post)
    19. Terri Wambold (Original Post)
    20. Ryhegar Bhaldfyrsyn (Original Post)

    21. Tahlsho'a Rheen (Original Post)
    22. Ziov Anzon (Original Post)
    23. Iieha Kiltias (Original Post)
    24. Razz Matazz (Original Post)
    25. Butter Ball (Original Post)
    26. X'ghonako Monhi (Original Post)
    27. Kaichiro Amane (Original Post)
    28. Meena Ciel (Original Post)
    29. Yuki Chan (Original Post)
    30. Theis Reighn (Original Post)

    31. Byrtoff Sylbharsyn (Original Post)
    32. Lissandra Heartwine (Original Post)
    33. Lady Eliniel (Original Post)
    34. Reika Nikaidoh (Original Post)
    35. Marik Destiel (Original Post)
    36. Rosalyn Wyrmhero (Original Post)
    37. Harlequin Hawk (Original Post)
    38. Helios Siberfluegel (Original Post)
    39. Lord Yidoshi (Original Post)
    40. Enk'I Faer (Original Post)

    41. Klife Kepler (Original Post)
    42. Lucifer Izanami (Original Post)
    43. Davorok Byrmwilf (Original Post)
    44. Rinette Molkoh (Original Post)
    45. Prinny Desu (Original Post)
    46. Jade Mao (Original Post)
    47. Tessra Cascella (Original Post)
    48. Taleyah Apedemak (Original Post)
    49. Touso Ariana (Original Post)
    50. Daken Brunel (Original Post)

    51. Oliver Beelzie (Original Post)
    52. Octopus Royalty (Original Post)
    53. Heinz Siegbert (Original Post)
    54. Nanette Solitario (Original Post)
    55. Cupcake Mcfireballs (Original Post)
    56. Luminous Magia (Original Post)
    57. Kiwi Meringue (Original Post)
    58. Nox Nyctores (Original Post)
    59. Lillium Lain (Original Post)
    60. Lucia Crystalline (Original Post)

    61. Sophia Paratus (Original Post)
    62. Van Ity (Original Post)
    63. Kerrigan Fey (Original Post)
    64. Luna Sanwa (Original Post)
    65. Katella Avenlea (Original Post)
    66. Kynd Koena (Original Post)
    67. Kekepero Momopero (Original Post)
    68. Psychedalic Bunbun (Original Post)
    69. Aphelia Katsuragi (Original Post)
    70. Chaosity Solborne (Original Post)

    71. Nama Kemono (Original Post)
    72. Precious Kiss (Original Post)
    73. Risu Milethel (Original Post)
    74. Rolanberry Fields (Original Post)
    75. Mythikah Lydian (Original Post)
    76. Sabrielle Saren (Original Post)
    77. Deli Denkryst (Original Post)
    78. Shasharo Sharo (Original Post)
    79. Raven Madd (Original Post)
    80. Tiz Oria (Original Post)

    81. Sprinkles Cupcake (Original Post)
    82. Nariko Star (Original Post)
    83. Kaiyoko Star (Original Post)
    84. Onini Nini (Original Post)
    85. Robin Klauser (Original Post)
    86. Mireille Chan (Original Post)
    87. Throll Rhaige (Original Post)
    88. Roto Mola (Original Post)
    89. Moxy Mox (Original Post)
    90. Karralie Fitzgerald (Original Post)
    91. Dalimin Dataru (Original Post)

    92. Zyd'e Alexandros'xiv (Original Post)
    93. Lady Kria (Original Post)
    94. Heartsong Tailchaser (Original Post)
    95. Nanelle Shepherd (Original Post)
    96. Blueberry Freya (Original Post)
    97. Trion Fi'rot (Original Post)
    98. Shaku Kamui (Original Post)
    99. Virgil Myers (Original Post)
    100. Cottontail Winterbell (Original Post)
    Devin "Camate" Casadey - Community Team

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    Congrats everyone, so many nice pictures!

    btw, you spelled my last name wrong it's Liddell not Liddel. I hope that doesn't effect sending the choker to me.

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    Congrats to all the winners! They look so beautiful! ^_^

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    Congratulations all great pictures

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    Ladykria's screenshot received 42+ likes, and 3 comments. Seems like I need to step up my screenshot taking abilities.

    Grats to all the winners!