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    6th Producer Letter Live - Live translation

    2AM, 2 more hours to go...
    Hopefully coffee power still has an effect on me by then.

    Anyways will be doing live translation again like all the other live letters from the past.

    # Note: I’ll try my best to translate once again.
    # Live translations are much much harder than regular translations so I apologize in advance for any stuff I may miss during the live broadcast.
    # Enjoy,
    # Rein

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reinheart View Post
    Anyways will be doing live translation again like all the other live letters from the past.
    As always, appreciation is on an unprecedented level. If you leave an address, I'll send my finest bean!
    Twitter : @Mojo_FF

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reinheart View Post
    2AM, 2 more hours to go...
    Hopefully coffee power still has an effect on me by then.

    Anyways will be doing live translation again like all the other live letters from the past.

    # Note: I’ll try my best to translate once again.
    # Live translations are much much harder than regular translations so I apologize in advance for any stuff I may miss during the live broadcast.
    # Enjoy,
    # Rein

    Awesome work on the stream/document.

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    Great job as always! Thanks Reinheart
    I think its public to view? I put my pictures in ruffly the right spots altho at the end i wasn't sure.
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    6th Producer Letter Live Translation (Unofficial)
    Fixed up the live translation script I had on google docs, up until the part where Q/A ends.
    There will be lots of spelling, grammar, etc, if you're picky about those stuff, I suggest you wait for the official release (if there will be any again this time)

    Also if anyone wants to copy/paste this here into text file to make sub's for the video go ahead.
    No timing information is in there, this is 2 hour long live event, so doing translation + timing is a lot of work.
    Also the green parts are the official Q/A which I copy/pasted from the Q/A section on this forum

    Just like always my translations are not 100% there will be errors so don't take every word seriously, if you have doubts, ask it in the forum for the reps to check and confirm for you.

    - Rein

    Video Link:


    # video of magitek walking in snow with ff6 bgm remix
    f; good evening everyone
    w; good evening
    f; thank you for watching the 6th Producer letter live
    f; suddenly started with magitek armor
    w; amazing, that’s ff6 right?
    f; yeah the live one looks amazing
    f; today we have president mr.Wada here from beginning
    f; Today, Yoshida san isn’t around
    w; why isn’t he here?
    f; I’m not sure
    w; meh it should be alright
    f; oh yeah, ok we want to start then, but
    f; we don’t have much to talk about...
    f; hows everything going?
    w; everyone, i am retiring from my president position
    w; well talking what actually happened, as an executive, I lost the fight, and thought I should step back and have decided to have the position changed
    w; go through my dead body... or something like that... something like that...
    w; well this is to change the company status, but as for XIV nothing will be changed, development staff, operation staff will keep on working.
    w; so please continue supporting us
    w; well basically it’s just changing class from president class
    f; that’s hard to follow up on
    w; don’t, if you did follow up i would have to kill you
    f; why isn’t yoshida-san not here
    w; he must have something going on
    f; well after that talk, since we have mr. housing here, and everyone going to wonder what’s going on, so do you have anything?
    w; I do, well i brought something, i was thinking of changing class from president to crafter or something, so i would like to show everyone something gorgeous.
    f; this is... live video
    w; this is my first time seeing it,
    f; it’s your first time seeing?
    w; yes, it’s actually big
    f; it’s big, can see the ocean so must be limsa’s housing area, it’s pretty large area
    w; this looks like it’s taking one area space, must be expensive
    f; heard rumors that it is expensive
    w; this hypes me up
    # audio cuts off and suddenly yoship’s voice
    y; alright lets start the live broadcast
    f; good evening everyone
    y; good evening
    f; thank you for watching 6th producer letter live
    y; thank you
    f; actually this is my 2nd time saying it
    f; first starting with the disclosure of trick
    y; really, Wada was planned to be on but he couldn’t make it, he had some stuff going on with someone we can’t mention.
    y; Therefore so we had him appear through recording
    y; there were lots asking for mr. housing so we asked him to come on
    y; hope it felt like a live broadcast
    y; so the actual live broadcast starts from here
    f; we have producer/director yoshida here as usual, thank for being here
    y; thanks for having me
    f; first off, if you got any questions please send them in via twitter with XIVLIVE hash tag
    f; later on, this is going to be limited to japan only, we mentioned that we’ll be at the nico2 chou kaigi (event), so we’ll talk about some details of that event.
    f; and we also starting tomorrow
    y; yes tomorrow
    f; phase 2 will start
    y; yes, it will finally start
    y; we sent out 50-60,000 more beta test selection invitations, so please enjoy
    y; Today, since phase 2 is starting tomorrow, instead of showing phase 2
    y; wanted to show more of the other live machine, so please stick with us till the end.
    f; alright, mr housing brought up the video of housing zone so lets start off from tehre
    y; previous one was a recording but lets start off with live machine in the housing area
    f; it’s the sunset, its beautiful
    y; we showed this in art before but this is limsa’s ocean view housing area
    y; it’s something like this
    y; has sunset, and view
    f; see lots of houses
    y; yeah these houses are all which players can build
    y; you buy property like this and then build your house

    # Q1: What kind of bonuses will players receive by utilizing housing?
    # A1: By setting up items known as towers at your house, you and your free company members can receive bonuses to things like EXP, the rate in which you acquire gil, and other benefits.
    f; ok while we watch this going to start the questions
    f; what kind of bonuses can you get using the housing?
    y; have been mentioning this little by little, by placing towers in house, the owner of the house, or those sharing the house, like to all those members in free company get for example EXP bonus for two weeks, or gil bonus, something like that
    y; even if you don’t have the house, it doesn’t mean you’re at loss, by having and doing different stuff you get special bonuses.
    f; i see, thank you
    y; this is still being developed so the collisions are not all done so please forgive us on that part, it’s still being worked
    f; OK moving on to next question, regarding housing, say first you buy a S size and then move into a M size housing, is that possible?
    y; for moving, we will add it through patches, after that we’ll see how it goes and if it become where you can own a 2nd housing and i believe you wouldn’t need to as much, the idea for moving is in there.

    # Q2: Will you be able to buy and sell the rights to the land for housing in your bazaar?
    # A2: Yes. You will also be able to trade them.
    f; OK next question, can you buy/sell right to the land through bazaar?
    y; yes, you can. You will also be able to trade. Like for example, say in a free company, “I want to give you a present you a house” you would be able to propose to live together.
    f; ok so for those of you that a rich, please do that
    y; yes

    # Q3: Is it possible to have multiple houses? For example, your main residence is located in Limsa Lominsa, but you have a vacation home in Gridania or Ul'dah.
    # A3: It really depends on multiple factors, like lag and such, but as long as there are no problems we would like to make it possible to possess multiple houses.
    f; Next question with land and housing, can you have multiple housing in different locations such as main house in Limsa and separate housing in Ul’dah and Gridania. You mentioned a bit earlier
    y; that’s similar to what I just mentioned, like having main house then having another house in a different region right, once you have the details it may be possible
    f; so starting with one
    y; for basically yes, however, please be careful, with community, if you do something like having main house and 2nd house you might end up in trouble.
    f; ok next question, as for the area lets keep it at the housing

    # Q4: Could you show us an image of an arcanist or summoner using their skills? (Just a peek!)
    # A4: We're planning to release new information right before the start of Beta Test phase 3, so please wait until then.
    f; can you show a little
    y; a little?
    f; video of arcanist or summoner using skill?
    y; isn’t it hard to show little?
    y; for pet class, we are working on it in the end, those playing beta, and played previous xiv knows the current classes in XIV, but starting from phase 3 we will have many first time ps3 players who never played, so at timing right before phase 3 we want to show them what kind of classes and abilities are available, and will be ready around launch, so for arcanist and summoner, please wait for it.
    y; if I say too much, people are going to ask to show it so
    y; everything has changed
    f; alright,
    y; it’s alright to leave the live game screen up all times.

    # Q5: In the previous Letter from the Producer Live you mentioned that summoner would make it in time for launch, but will it be possible to play as an arcanist in the open Beta Test?
    # A5: I don't believe it will be ready in time for Open Beta; however, we would like to introduce them with a video.
    f; ok next q, in last letter live, you stated you will make arcanist by launch, but will it be ready to be played at open beta?
    y; it will probably won’t be ready, we’ll show it through video’s so please wait for that.

    # Q6: Are you planning to implement great swords?
    # A6: We would like to introduce great swords when we implement a new class or job.
    f; next question - any plans to implement two-handed sword?
    y; hmm, we did talk to battle team that we have to do this when we add class/job, this being samurai, or dark knight, only battle team would know, but we would like to do it.

    # Q7: Compared to primal weapons and relic weapons, how strong are you planning to make the weapons from Crystal Tower and the Great Labyrinth of Bahamut?
    # A7: The way we've set it up is so you can use the weapons you obtained through the primal battles to then challenge the Crystal Tower, and then use the weapons you obtain from Crystal Tower to challenge the Great Labyrinth of Bahamut. With that said, the weapons and armor would follow strength in that order. Since there are a lot of primal weapons, we are also creating armor.
    f; next question, regarding the weapons you can obtain from Great Labyrinth of Bahamut and Crystal Tower, how strong are they compare to relic and primal weapons?
    f; started looking through papers
    y; weapons right?
    f; yes weapon
    y; weapon
    y; weapon
    y; armor?
    f; weapon?
    y; wait armor, this is armor
    y; in previous XIV there was lots of weapon drops, but we have full set of armors, not saying for primals but for different contents
    y; weapons right, weapons
    y; people were talking about arcanist, and feel sorry so
    f; so you’re going to show something afterall...
    y; feel bad getting the person in charge of art so...
    y; is this good?
    f; oooh, i see
    y; the strongest would be the items dropped from Great Labyrinth of Bahamut.
    y; for items and content we made the hierarchy, so once you hit lv50 and clear the scenario then obtain primal weapon, then challenge Crystal Tower, and once you’re prepared from there to challenge at Great Labyrinth of Bahamut. So in that order the strength changes.
    f; so when you compare relic weapons and primal weapons, primal weapon are not on top.
    y; it’s not
    f; i see, thank youu

    # Q8: Will you be eliminating open dungeons like Castrum Novum from 1.0 where you could enter without having to make a party?
    # A8: The things we are calling dungeons will all be instanced dungeons, but that doesn’t mean that all of the dungeons that existed in version 1.0 will be turned into instances. There will be things such as FATE that take place in them.
    f; next question - in previous xiv areas such as Castrum Novum and beastman area
    y; you’re good at pronouncing it
    f; been practicing
    y; i see
    f; dungeons which continue on from a open field which you can enter without forming a party, are those going to be scrapped?
    y; for those that’s been called a dungeon will all be mainly instanced dungeon, there are instances which can be entered with an alliance.
    y; also when saying everything in previous xiv is instanced, that’s not true, there are some that’s open so, we want to show them through walkthrough and you’ll see what’s instanced and not.
    y; in the second half of the live, I want to show areas past phase 2.
    f; ok lets leave the housing area
    y; I see, so that means that’s it for mr. housing’s appearance.
    y; well today it was hard for him to come over as Mr. Housing
    f; that’s alright but it’s hard to follow up on that
    y; also the next new president also loves games, he likes to head shot so, if we can introduce him in XIV, so please look forward to then
    f; people wanted to see a different area.
    y; i see, ok while I get the next question, I’ll move the character

    # Q9: Are there any plans for us to be able to go to areas from version 1.0 that we were unable to go to such as "Paglth'an?"
    # A9: There will be some locations you will be able to go to. In addition, even if it doesn't make it in time for the launch, we're thinking about adding these new areas in upcoming patches!
    f; OK next question - there were midpoint areas such as Paglth’an that were just mentioned by name in previous XIV, will those areas be accessible in ARR?
    y; there will be some that can be accessible, some will be released/opened up with patches or expansions I think
    f; so they can look forward to it?
    y; yes they can
    y; hold on a sec
    f; first time appearance in live so hold on just a bit
    y; changing the time (in-game time)
    f; I think everyone is looking at the reflection in the back and all curious
    f; but it’s alright it’s mainly Mr. Yoshida’s back
    y; what time should I make it
    f; too bad we can’t show the development screen, development screen is really interesting
    y; yes, it’s MMO but you can run lots of debug commands.
    f; wonder if everyone knows
    y; finally can show this
    y; Limsa Lominsa
    f; we came inside the city
    f; ok if you can run around different parts of city
    y; also this is beta test phase 3’s build, or currently in that branches development work, as we mentioned to the beta testers, for the UI we have major updates going on, going through debug stage and isn’t stable so we turned it off this time, therefore you won't see NPC’s name’s but if you can just look and feel how the NPC’s are placed.

    # Q9: Are there any plans for us to be able to go to areas from version 1.0 that we were unable to go to such as "Paglth'an?"
    # A9: There will be some locations you will be able to go to. In addition, even if it doesn't make it in time for the launch, we're thinking about adding these new areas in upcoming patches!
    f; OK while we enjoy Limsa, want to go into next question, can you please what kinds of weather is available in ARR and what kind of effect they have.
    y; the weather right now is fine weather
    y; there are other weather such as sunny, cloudy, rain and in specific areas we have weather available so for example for desert or deeper parts of Ul’dah there aren’t any rain, so we used that open memory space to have special weather like sand storm. We’re calling it special weather, but weather that’s available for that zone.
    y; like that magitek armor one in the opening, there was a region with a snowfield but there are also areas with snow storm. There are many variations.
    y; as for the effect, it will mainly affect fishing
    f; fishing?
    y; we wanted to play with data, like we mentioned in the last producer letter where for fishing you choose a rod, bait and drop the line, and depending on current weather you can judge the water temperature is something like this to fish. It mainly affects fish
    y; it’s alright to think, basically it doesn’t affect much other than this.

    # Q12: Could you please tell us the difference between jobs and classes in A Realm Reborn?
    # A12: Compared to 1.0, we will be placing jobs above classes in terms of their ranking, however, classes will still remain better suited for times that you are leveling up solo, while jobs will be better suited for party content.
    f: next question - can you explain the difference between job/class in ARR?
    y; job and class, compared to previous XIV, jobs being a upper rank with the parameter changes we made, also for class, the advantage of being able to put different classes skills is there so if you’re soloing quests and stuff it’s probably better to go with class.
    y; also for leveling dungeons, like the dungeons available now to play in beta, the ones we made where it can be completed with four, so in those type of cases, classes might be better.
    y; And once you start challenging end content, just think that you’ll be playing jobs more.

    # Q11: Can you show us the weather from a higher point-of-view?
    # A11: [Yoshida showed off a bit of the weather in-game]
    f; question from twitter - can you show some more view of the sky?
    y; some more?
    f; the view point
    y; like this?
    f; yes
    y; this is nice view right now
    y; twin (main? couldn’t hear) tower

    # Q13: Are there any spots you would like us to pay attention to while in Limsa Lominsa?
    # A13: The open terraces, for instance. In addition, I would like everyone to enjoy the open atmosphere. It has a much different feel to it compared to the other main cities. We also made changes to the city so it’s easier to move from one location to another (including warp points).
    f; ok another from twitter
    f; any special, key areas you want players to pay attention to in Limsa?
    y; Limsa has lots of open terrace, so like this one, it has more open atmosphere. So compared to other nations it’s more open. Like here you can view the Aetheryte.
    y; for those areas that took a while to travel was cut out
    y; also we have placed in-town teleports also
    y; this is the grand company hq
    y; looks something like this
    f; looks nice

    # Q14: How many instanced dungeons will there be at launch?
    # A14: Including the bigger ones, we will be implementing around 16-18 instanced dungeons.
    f; alright another question from twitter
    f; at ARR launch, how many instanced dungeon is planned to be available?
    y; with all the big ones included right?
    y; ummm, 16,17,18
    f; ok something like that, thank you
    y; yes, it’s really hard, it’s hard for the leveling team, battle team, bg(pg?) team, and QA team so there are a lot of work to do.
    y; not this time but next time, when saying dungeon, there are dungeons where you can see the sky. Like there is one area in deep woods, it’s done really well so I want to show it but, I hope we can show it next time.
    y; there are beautiful dungeons where you can feel the liveliness of the group living there, so please look forward to it

    f; question, or more like a request, please show us Limsa’s Aetheryte
    y; lower level right, let me go there with shortcut
    f; ok switching screen.

    # Q15: Will there be a system that will forecast the weather?
    # A15: That's something that would be nice to have so we'll be sure to let the lead know!
    f; lets go to next question
    y; alright
    f; is there any feature to forecast the weather, something for fisher
    y; i see, i will let them know
    y; that’s interesting
    y; if I decide on the implementation now, people in the back going to go crazy so....
    y; alright I’m here
    f; ok please switch screen, this is the Aetheryte
    y; it’s something like this
    y; ah there are sphere’s around for lighting adjustments
    f; that’s rare
    y; it’s rare
    f; something you see in development environment map
    y; so there is market and halation is beautiful in Limsa, how it whites out

    # Q16: In the previous broadcast, you mentioned that the materia system would be largely changing, but could you tell us some details on this?
    # A16: The equipment in A Realm Reborn will have sockets, and you will be able to place materia into these sockets without failure. We are calling any attempts to add further materia beyond the set number of sockets "forbidden," (what we referred to as multiple melding) but if you fail at this in A Realm Reborn you will not lose your equipment. We will also be addressing this so imbalances do not arise with gear that has been melded with multiple materia in version 1.0. We will let you know further information as we move toward release.
    f; ok moving onto the next question, it was mentioned the materia system in ARR will be going through drastic changes, can you please explain it?
    y; we will announce this in the topics specially for those that played ver 1.x till the end are probably curious, but talking the major points of the change, first off there will be something called a socket in the items. You will see a whole icon in the item, there are some with multiple sockets. You can place materia’s without fail for these sockets.
    y; Also there will be double meld where you try to place more materia in that same socket, but when failing, you only lose the materia and the base item will remain. So that’s the two big difference.
    y; another big one is, for those special materias which can only be placed in certain area has been taken out, and you can place it on any part. However to there are caps placed on the item depending on the item level, for example max Strength is up to 5. So you’ll have to calculate those to coordinate the overall balance.
    y; we made it so crafters can say they specialize in materia attachment and play that role, we made it easy to enter but it was designed so it’s deep.
    y; Also the entire battle system was changed and all materia’s effect has been modified. But there are those that spent a lot of money for getting materia melded on, so we have something in turn to help those players out. That part’s is really complicating so we’ll explain those through topics.
    y; I’m really worried about this flood of tweet coming in
    y; yes, we’ll make sure it’s not at loss, so please don’t worry and look forward to it.
    f; ok so for this one please wait for the update through the topics.

    # Q18: You mentioned that there would be tank, caster, and other roles for the chocobo buddy system, but could you tell us some details about the system?
    # A18: Ultimately feature-wise, the player has the Armoury system and the chocobo’s level will match their master’s level. As the chocobo continues to grow you will be able to acquire points, which you can then use to obtain skills. If you obtain attack-related skills, you can gear more towards an attacker role, while if you focus more on healing skills, your chocobo will become a healer. It will be possible to change their role anytime you wish.

    One more thing... Up until now we have shown a bunch of different chocobo equipment, but we’d like you to choose what you equip based on how you want your chocobo to look. By setting parameters to chocobo armor, we felt everyone would be equipping the same armor, so we decided to get rid of stats for their armor completely. We’d like you to pick the armor you like the best.
    f; ok next question, for the buddy system chocobo, it’s mentioned there are types such as tanks and caster, will we be able to choose these at the time of launch?
    y; hold on, buddy’s class/roll?
    f; tank/caster, so roll
    y; previously we talked about having a level, but the player has a armoury system, when the players class changes it can end up where chocobo’s level doesn’t follow up with player, end up being stronger or weaker, so we decided on using a system where it syncs with the players level.
    y; so does that mean there isn’t any growth feature, you can gain some points, and with those points so if you obtain skills, so that could be weapon skills, or attacker skill, it’s close to a skill tree system. So if you want to go with healer type, get healer type skills, or balance it out evenly.
    y; also we are thinking of making the role to be freely changeable, say you as the master playing a Warrior so have the chocobo buddy to play a role of a White Mage to help healing, you can change that role anytime, and send commands to heal.
    f; thank you,
    y; It’s made so it fits the armoury system well.
    y; also we showed different gears for chocobo, but we decided the gears are mainly for looks only, you can equip anything so you can go out and obtain and dress them up instead of having parameters and limiting to specific gears.

    # Q17: Will we be able to enter instanced dungeons with our chocobo buddy?
    # A17: We would like everyone to challenge the dungeons with players at launch so you won't be able to enter the dungeons with your chocobo buddy. However, we do have plans to release the restriction in stages. Please stay tuned!
    f; ok one more question related to buddy system, is it possible to enter instance dungeons with our chocobo buddy?
    y; at launch timing of ARR we locked it, we want players to use the content finder and play together. But that doesn’t mean it will be like that forever. When not using direct access, without using content finder, where you walk up to the entrance of the dungeon we are talking about allowing to enter with buddy. We have plans to release them in stages. Please look forward to it.
    y; can you please switch screen
    y; if PR team says I can’t release then..
    f; it’s fine
    y; can’t show Arcanist but guild is ok

    # Q19: What's happened to the arcanist guild?
    # A19: [Showed the arcanist guild area on the stream]
    f; there is a good question on twitter related to this
    f; what happened to Arcanist guild?
    y; guild looks like this.
    f; in previous xiv it existed in Limsa so people probably wondered
    y; there is underground
    f; PR team is /nodding
    y; they are nice today, they made me get on my knees yesterday
    f; Only those watched the test broadcast knows this
    y; it was scary yesterday.
    y; looks like they are doing something, but we’ll end it there.

    f; ok for first half lets leave it as that,and we would like to take our 5 min break
    f; we have more for 2nd half, but for now we want to have some break time
    f; it’s a mysterious break time, not sure you can take any break but, it’s break time.
    y; this time i requested for this video, to look back at Mr. Housing’s past, there may be new materials in there so..
    f; ok break time, see you in 5min

    # (break time)

    f; hai!
    y; hai!
    f; was everyone able to take break?
    y; it looks like we doing a tribute
    y; well it’s just a temporary end, we’ll probably see him bring new housing material and come on
    f; ARR Mr. Housing
    y; i’m starting to worry, if i get in trouble, I'm in charge so that’s that, I’ll go on my knees and get scolded then
    f; missed the magitek armor opening, can you show again?

    # Magitek Video playing again
    y; this was nice
    y; the wipe (video effect) is teasing little by little
    y; from devs point, you don’t see the footprints in the snow, we’ll address those later
    y; also this was taken to look like VI but you can make scenes like this
    f; hope you were able to see it this time without missing it.
    f; thank you
    f; ok next question, please explain the details about the nico2 choukaigi 2 (event in japan)
    f; please wait until the end of the video, we’ll explain it
    f; from yesterdays test broadcast
    f; can you give some more info on the CE version
    y; but when I talked about the CE version yesterday, advertisement staff told me to get on my knees
    y; there is box like this and
    y; opened and
    y; it’s ok now right?
    y; since i said it they said ok now, what a difference, got in trouble that much yesterday, now they are like you already said it so w/e
    f; that was a big change
    y; something like this
    f; what’s going to be inside
    y; in front of the box we’ll have art from amano-san (Yoshitaka Amano), actually didn’t go yesterday to ask him to make one, actually it was already made and was taking the original back to him in the rain, who knows how much the original would cost.
    y; he really drew a great art
    y; i am big fan of amano-san for long time and get really hyped up every time I go
    y; special for being a producer
    y; from that box, some people might start analyzing what will go in there but
    y; if i say anymore, even if the JP PR team let me go, the foreign PR might stop talking to me
    y; well it will have in-game item

    # Q21: Would you be able to provide us with more information on the ARR Collector's Edition?
    # A21: The Collector's Edition may come with some in-game items... Don't worry, we do have plans to do something for the 1.0 players that have purchased the original Collector's Edition!
    y; also for those who bought the original CE, asking if they need to buy
    y; for that we are going to address it, I know we’re going to get people asking for stuff like the in-game item so we are thinking about those stuff as well so please do not worry.
    f; we need to give the details and stuff so please wait for it.

    # Q20: Will we be able to craft furniture for housing?
    # A20: Yes, we have plans for you to be able to craft many, many items. Stay tuned!
    f; alright lets go to the next question, can you make the furnitures for the housing?
    y; there was some in the break time Mr. Housing memorial video, i mean temporary break video
    y; I think this was up
    y; I mentioned before defeating Ifrit and putting it up
    f; this is human silhouette here right, so this is pretty big
    y; it’s big, it’s big
    y; yeah, so we showed the L size housing before but you can place something like this after on the hallway after going up the stairs
    y; when you make FC, say they are full on hardcore players but those other people who are more casual doing crafting and gatherer can use that and other materials to make something like that. We are planning many stuff that can be made.
    f; please look forward

    f; forgot the live game, what will you show us next
    y; behind us you see Ul’dah, check out this clear blue sky
    y; this is something new showing for the first time
    f; there is different curious stuff

    # Q29: You have shown us many rewards that we will be able to obtain in ARR. How will crafted gear impact the game?
    # A29: In ARR, every gear is assigned with an item level. These item levels are also tied with the difficulty of each instanced dungeon. For example, let’s say you challenge a higher-level instanced dungeon without meeting the item level requirement. Players will be able to able to fill the missing item level via crafted items. Also, players will be able to unlock new crafting recipes by completing content. We’ll make sure the crafters will be able to shine in many aspects of the game!
    f; next question, ok you showed different reward items from content but what’s going to happen with crafted item.
    y; earlier I mentioned about materia crafting, but like I mentioned, this time the item level and content has been structured carefully, say obtained primal weapon but the stats are static, with that you try out the next content, not only DPS but this will require player skill
    y; if you miss going to end up wiping, so crafters fill up that gap with gears
    y; so say like... i quit my job, FFXIV is my job
    f; please don’t quit though
    y; uh, yeah ok, once xiv is released, i’m going to be full on playing xiv, I’m going to be in Eorzea
    y; but to fill in that gap, crafted items and materia craft items are there for players to advance on,
    y; and once it goes into next stage, we’ll add new recipe, and be able to create stronger weapons
    y; but we’re going to make sure it doesn’t go over the content hierarchy

    # Q22: Will there be changes to the relic weapon quest in A Realm Reborn? Also, if there are changes and we were in the middle of the quest in 1.0, will we be able to continue?
    # A22: We are planning to make some simple changes to the content, but your progress status will be saved and we’ll be making sure the efforts you made are not wasted.
    f; next question, Will there be any changes to the relic weapon quest in ARR, if so and you have progressed halfway in 1.x can you continue?
    y; we talked about this the topics also but we made sure the items are not lost, however the details will change, it will probably be little bit easier, some that were angry about the items can enjoy a bit more to collect and upgrade. We’ll make sure your progress isn't wasted, so please look forward to this.

    # Q23: During the previous Producer Letter Live, you showed us artwork for the upcoming PvP gear and some of the artwork had the open face. Will we be able lift the visor for the warrior artifact helmet or put on the hood up for the white mage artifact armor?
    # A23: You will be able to lift the visor for the warrior helmet, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to put on the hood for the white mage armor.
    f; pvp specific gear, you mentioned the face will open, can you make whm’s hood on/off, or warriors visor down/up?
    y; yes you will be able to do this. However can’t do it for WHM, hoods is one model,
    y; it won’t have animation, but like headgear on/off you can put visor down/up
    y; was talking earlier where we have visor up before entering dungeon and having it down after entering.

    # Q25: Will we be able to listen to the music that we heard at the start of of the show when you showed the magitek armor in-game?
    # A25: Generally, the in-game music is created based on the scene. However, with this particular music, Music Director Soken went all out and created it strictly from the images that were released on the blog. Soken mentioned that he has no regrets creating the music! Since the music wasn't something that we requested, we'll try to use it if we can find a good fit for it. #----------------------------------------------------------
    f; we saw the magitek armor, can you listen to the bgm that played in-game?
    y; you know how there is that blog by blogger M and how she released that magitek armor blog and at midnight that night, I got a mail saying I made it with full energy, i have no regret.
    y; so really there was nothing
    f; he just create it
    y; so we were talking about riding is important but also to make sure it’s used in the right spot at the right time
    y; don’t want to tell our customer we just made it out for no reason
    y; I would like to tell them we made it like this for this type of scenery and feel.
    f; so for answer, once we have a place for that bgm we may be able to listen to it.
    y; well if others push and say they want to listen anywhere then the sound director might say he feel sorry for others and we will look into this moving forward.

    # Q24: Will it be possible to customize or add color to magitek armor?
    # A24: We are creating them so that they can be customized and colored. We are also thinking about implementing content involving playing with both chocobos and magitek. #----------------------------------------------------------
    f; related to magitek armor, can you customize parts, or change color of magitek armor?
    y; I think we received that question in the past as well, but we have made it so you can and for chocobo and magitek armor to make contents where you can enjoy them so ..
    f; please look forward to it.

    # Q30: Will it be possible to watch PvP as a spectator without actually participating?
    # A30: We are planning to have it so you can view the camera of the players PvPing, but we’re just barely progressing with this, so we will be looking into this as a feature to be released in the future.
    # On a separate note, in order to record in-game content and upload it, we need copyright permission. However, considering the current trends, gameplay videos are quite popular, and we were able to clear all the authority issues with the cooperation of all the related individuals including the songs and voices.
    # Of course, materials cannot be used if they are not A Realm Reborn-related, and when it comes to A Realm Reborn materials, they cannot be used just any way. However, after launch, we’d like to aim at allowing you to have fun and make official gameplay videos. We will be sure to inform you all of details moving forward.
    # *Since there is a NDA in place, this will not be possible during the Beta Test
    f; next questions regarding pvp can you just watch without participating. (spectator mode)
    y; it’s in the plans where you can take over the pvp players camera, since people wonder how they play.
    y; right now the cost is really tight, so we need to look into that but something bigger, we are stuck with copyright issue to videos and also I like making my own play video’s. The main problem is the voice and bgm’s copyright, this time we were able to clear all those problems, this was one reason we had to redo the voicing. So players can make video for their free company. Also there was some similar announcement in PS4 so we thought this was good
    y; just remember if you put in different track inside it becomes no good, so please be careful.
    y; as long as it’s with just FF14 materials it should be good.
    f; don’t show beta, no beta, there is NDA
    y; yes during beta, no
    f; please wait for the launch

    f; can you switch the screen
    f; really curious about that structure in the back
    y; oh ok, first lets switch back and let me move to better location
    y; ask me a question while I’m doing this
    f; worried your hands going to stop but here goes

    f; k next question, please give more details for pvp
    y; more details
    y; ok to go back to live game, this is same zone but another new area
    y; for pvp, first colosseum, in general, not sure I’m allowed to say it, but it’s like tenkaichi budoukai, when you start you see the opponent 4 players in front of you and start with ‘ready go’ style
    y; say you play BLM you attack from range but you’re def is low so you have to hide behind structures and stuff, and for opponent knight, they will try to take down the weak def players so they can manage the battle. That’s why in the colosseum art we showed last time there were different features to them. Even if the BLM attacks you if you’re away from range, or behind structure you can avoid them.
    y; when you win, you gain points
    y; with points you gain rank and be able to gain more points, different type of points, and buy skills, passive skills that only affects during colosseum.
    y; with those you can go individual traits
    y; this is mnk/pugilist
    y; and this is swan robe
    y; pvp job gear
    f; more?
    y; mmm it’s bit different
    y; these gears have parameters useful for pvp so by collecting these gear.
    y; also for the ones you can buy, if i say anymore battle team will get mad at me but, there are stuff you can use in pvp but there will be some that can be used by specific grand company, some might wonder which GC to enlist in, so we’ll show those later on, please look forward to it
    y; you will also be able to change GC in ARR.

    # Q26: Can the duty finder be used for 4v4 or 8v8 PvP colosseum and other content?
    # A26: There will be a matching system that can be used. #----------------------------------------------------------
    f; one more pvp related question, can you use content finder with colosseum
    y; since there is matching, yes

    f; another question related about content finder, are there any party invite system ?
    y; I think that questions is there since people don’t know how much the content finder can do.
    y; We will prepare a widget similar to the ver 1.x one but we would like players to utilize the content finder.
    y; by using the content finder you get bonus
    y; of course for really difficult content there will be situations where a party formed through content finder won’t be able to clear so, so yes we are planning for feature to gather players.
    # Q27: How will the primal fights change in ARR?
    # A27: They will be basically be the same as the fights in version 1.0. However, we will be making some minor tweaks based on the new battle system and the primals will have a larger role in the main scenario.
    f; How will the primal battles such as Ifrit, Moogle, and Garuda be in ARR?
    y; umm, basics for those that played previous FFXIV, just imagine the primal battles from then
    y; however, this time it involves with the main scenario so the standing position and cut scene is different
    y; also the skills they use is matched to the ARR’s battle so it’s different
    y; Say for Titan, Titan is new, like there are many things, like the ground breaking through, flying, dropping. There are lots using ground gimmicks.
    y; And as the contents gets updated, less people will play, so at that time we’ll have Ifrit show up in public field, and like the benchmark it becomes a F.A.T.E. and from there people can use it as great summon (dai-shoukan)

    # Q28: Do you plan on adding any random elements to dungeons, such as where monsters and treasure chests spawn, paths, and puzzles?
    # A28: Currently we are not planning on this, but I don't believe it is out of the question.
    f; next question, are there any plans for random puzzle feature such as random monster, chest pop locations, path?
    y; currently there are no plans, level design is very important and of course i understand you can play casually but at first I want people to use the matching system so if the strategy changes every time, it doesn’t mean there isn’t ideas for it but first until we release ARR and get on a wave we want people to play the content which we control the balance and level design.
    y; then put those together to make it random.
    y; even for us, it’s weird story but if we make one and it has random feature, people will play it for some time so it’s good so, so I won’t say those ideas are not there, but at the start timing of 2.0 there won’t be any.

    # Q47: It was mentioned before that we could design linkshell and free company crests by putting together different segments, but can you show us what kind of options there will be?
    # A47: [Showed an image of the various crests]
    f; alright next question, regarding linkshell and free company crest. Previously you mentioned we can freely combine parts to create it, but what kind of parts are there? can you please show it to us?
    y; thought there was going to be FC related questions
    y; since it’s for crest it’s going to be black and white, sorry for the images being small.
    y; is it good
    f; it’s good
    y; there are behemoth crest somewhere
    y; this one
    f; yes it’s that one
    y; and not only that, we have stuff like these
    y; with these you choose the color and the back base plate
    y; and more like this
    y; there are many, so I want people to decide and make one
    f; thank you

    f; this is an interesting area
    y; yes, i did a lot of map check here and told the person in charge he did really good
    y; who the hell are you
    f; makes you wonder
    y; yes
    y; there was one in beta, there were lots of data inside and there are group of people that analyze, if you’re going to analyze rather have you working for us, but those information they found got leaked online
    y; and the reaction from those that saw that, from what they played in beta and what was released up until now, the areas are different but as for the data that was analyzed not much has changed.
    f; yes there was that
    y; but actually it’s really different
    y; like here I think it’s really well done
    y; with this much effort, every zone is different
    f; we’re getting close to that stuff in the back
    y; this right
    y; we are calling it empire base
    y; and you see something mysterious here
    f; yes
    y; if you come from this route back here, you’ll see some grand company members here
    y; if you go past that it’s area controlled by the empire
    y; and from there mmmmmm a building
    f; I see, soon someone will say something
    y; yes, please look froward to main scenario
    f; it was empire base
    y; it was empire base, empire will have a new enemy
    f; lets move on

    # Q31: Will we be able to change the appearance of our characters during the beta phase? Or is this something we can only do at the launch of ARR?
    # A31: The one-time appearance change will be available only for the launch of ARR.
    f; next question, when transferring data from ver 1.x, will it be one time only or will it be possible from phase 4, or at both time.
    y; basically, it’s when you call it official release, during the test it’s a test so we need to check on data and once we know the data has no issues and the bugs were taken out so let’s start today. So think of it then as the timing.
    y; if we give the rights to remake character before that there may be issue where they can’t bring back the data, we wouldn’t know if the issue is the actual data that was transferred or something else, so please think of it at the timing of official start.
    y; you can continue with the same character, or switch to male Miqo’te or for people using female character to decide on their sizes and stuff
    f; thank you

    # Q32: When are you planning to switch the Lodestone to the ARR version?
    # A32: We will most likely switch over to the ARR version some time between phase 3 to phase 4 of the Beta Test.
    f; Next question - The Lodestone, when will it change to ARR version
    y; it’s pretty much done, we are going to do a beta test on it as well in between phase 3 and 4
    y; so from there we’ll make the switch from around there. It’s turning out pretty good.
    f; looking forward to it
    # Q33: What’s the status of Legacy players wishing to add their names to credits?
    # A33: We will be releasing the sign-up page next week so please stay tuned!
    f; oh yeah, we talked about staff roll to the legacy players, you have any update on that?
    y; sorry we didn’t have any update and making you all wait, for those with legacy status if you wanted your name in the staff roll, we should be able to open up a site next week where you can send in request for that, you can use your character name, or actual name.
    f; please decide then
    y; yes, please decide then

    # Q35: Could you provide more details on how we will be able to move items between characters on the same account?
    # A35: While you will be able to move items between different characters on the same account, the feature will be unavailable at the launch of ARR. We will monitor the situation and release the feature once we feel that it’s okay to release.
    f; ok next question - what kind of items can be transfered between characters under the same account.
    y; under process it’s possible but at the beginning we won’t allow this, as I am being careful on this one.
    y; there are stuff under situation which is alright but RMT’s can use this for many things, wo we want to run it first and once we confirm it looks alright, we’ll go from there.
    y; the process will work

    y; this is the Empire stuff I was talking earlier
    f; really curious
    y; if I go on the top here, I’ll get scolded big time
    y; I’ll move it to another zone, so please give the next question

    # Q34: How much of an impact will the selected guardian have on our characters? Will it be minimal similar to 1.0?
    # A34: Yes, the impact will be very minimal.
    f; Okay going to next question, what kind of effect does the guardian give. Just like previous XIV is it minimal like in 1.x?
    y; yes, it’s minimal, it is minimal, i was thinking about this since I like the word identity, and also a gamer so I believe difference is good. But for 14, I was players to play the character they want so the difference is really minimal.

    y; alright
    f; where is this?
    y; this is limsa side

    # ----------------------------------------------------
    # Q36: Will trains, boats, and airships run on a set schedule? Also, will we be able to see Eorzea from the sky when we ride on airships?
    # A36: It will basically be the same as it was in 1.0, so unfortunately it will not be possible to view Eorzea from the air.
    # ----------------------------------------------------
    f; ok lets go to next question while watching this
    y; while watching
    f; Will trains, ships, and airships travel in specific schedule?
    y; I talked about this previously, basically it will be like previous XIV travel through instanced
    y; it dumped me
    # Apukalu walks away #
    y; so you’ll go that way, so to wait and stuff (for the ride to arrive) is not implemented this time as well
    y; and there is a specific policy for this, say for example we add a situation where something happens while riding, such as F.A.T.E to occur, at that time it gives players an anticipation while waiting that something may happen and go, I think that’s better reason when thinking about the cost
    y; so when contents like that gets implemented we want to open up features like that
    y; and I apologize, but the other point is that we remade everything with this much quality, in order to view this from the sky requires us to create something specific for that, so it is not possible for us to implement right away.

    # ----------------------------------------------------
    # Q37: Will there be a feature where we can try on equipment?
    # A37: We are planning for this; however, it will not make it in time for launch, so it will be some time after.
    # ----------------------------------------------------
    f; OK, next question, this one is different, any plans for feature to try on gears?
    y; We were not able to get this ready by 2.0 start, but Minagawa wanted to so we should be seeing that in future.

    # ----------------------------------------------------
    # Q38: Since we will be able to change our genders with the launch of ARR, are there any plans for us to be able to exchange the "fire resistant" gear based on the new gender?
    # A38: We’re currently looking into how we would like to address this.
    # ----------------------------------------------------
    f; ok want to pick up some questions from twitter.
    f; going to question, if we can change gender, whats going to happen swim wear and race specific equipment, are we going to be able to trade them?
    y; that’s a hard question, we need to get a trade NPC for that.
    y; we are preparing npc for data transfer, so we’ll look into that along with it.
    y; also you’re not talking about swim wear right? It’s “fire resistant” gear
    f; yes it’s “fire resistant” gear
    y; for “fire resistant” gear, since it’s liked by many and while running the previous version some missed getting it from that event saying they want the swim wear. So I think it might be fair if everyone was able to get it once. So probably don’t have to worry about it.

    y; I like stuff like this
    f; it’s nice
    f; please jump off
    f; someone would say it on twitter
    f; you would end up saying “ouch”
    y; normally ouch wouldn’t do
    f; you’re right, there are many curious stuff
    y; we haven’t released many stuff like what is that
    y; from beta you may feel 7th Umbral Era didn’t occur, there are many places like this.

    # ----------------------------------------------------
    # Q43: Could you tell us any new information about the specs for the Armoury (Referred to as the “Armoury Board” previously)?
    # A43: I thought about if there was anything I could tell you, but basically I had to decide between ease of understanding and convenience, and since I decided on convenience the explanation is going to get quite difficult. To give you a simple idea, it’s like a single macro switch. We’d like you all to try it out in Beta Test phase 3, so please be sure to try it out.
    # ----------------------------------------------------
    f; next question, regarding “Armoury Board”, do you have any updates, if any please let us know the details?
    y; talked to Minagawa to see if we got anything, it’s hard to tell
    y; it was easy to explain when we had the mannequin to explain, since if it was mannequin we just tell you, you put on gears on it and the gears switches to that .
    y; ah sorry can you go to the live screen
    y; that’s why in the beginning I thought it was better to go with mannequin. Also if’s easy to explain to others, they can understand better, however but since it’s something that will be used often and also it was hard to individual items, and we knew the risk when we released it. We received lots of player feedbacks on this, we made a large board called “Armoury Board” where you can place icons in different body parts where you can place icons.
    y; In reality you only have one item but you can place for example one head gear in set 1,3, 7 and 8 and switch. You may say it’s like switching via macro.
    y; you can test this out in beta test phase 3.
    y; we were trying to come up with better way to explain but hope that made sense
    f; thank you

    # ----------------------------------------------------
    # Q39: Do you plan on making a guild finder (LS finder) type of feature where you can search for an LS that fits your goals?
    # A39: The feature you are asking has already been implemented on the Lodestone, so we would first like you to utilize that.
    # ----------------------------------------------------
    f; ok next, will there be guild finder, or finder which can be used in-game to find a LS matching your goals.
    y; for that one we are concentrating on the lodestone side, that place is community site, so first use that first.
    y; also there are ps3 players, if it’s in-game, it will be too much UI, and for guilds they will want to show as much information and pages showing their images and stuff so we want to concentrate first on the website side at first.
    f; thank you.

    y; also this place will be released in beta phase 3 but for now we took out the NPC’s but just think that there are many here
    f; ok while watching, lets go to next question.

    # ----------------------------------------------------
    # Q40: Will you be implementing a feature where you can directly research monsters and item stats from in-game?
    # A40: No. However, we are looking into a smart phone app, so we’d like you to research it from that.
    # ----------------------------------------------------
    f; any plans for a in-game research feature for monster and item data?
    y; in-game?
    y; no, it will be impossible for the PS3 players
    y; so we’ll have website with database and also prepare an app so might be where you have smart phone in one hand and stuff

    # ----------------------------------------------------
    # Q41: In 1.0, the battle music changed based on what area you were in. Are there any plans to do something similar in ARR?
    # A41: In ARR, each area is tied to a certain musical instrument. While the battle music will be the same, it will have a different feel to it because of the different musical instruments it will be played on.
    # ----------------------------------------------------
    f; okay next, next question - in previous XIV depending on the region you were the BGM changed but will this also apply to ARR?
    y; Last time, i mean yesterday, Soken said a little but in the interview, he wasn’t just talking about knee socks, he was talking about sound, this time we asked to change the instruments used in different regions so it matches that regions theme. So when the instruments change, you can understand you’re in new region.
    y; Also battle is arranged the same way, the base is similar but it will have it’s own regions instruments, so it’s different
    f; thank you.

    # ----------------------------------------------------
    # Q42: For Beta Test phase 3 you'll be introducing PS3, as well as Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa, but are there other elements that will be added?
    # A42: We are planning to add free companies, guildhests, expanding FATE, early stages of the main story, and more dungeons.
    # ----------------------------------------------------
    f; Okay next question regarding beta test 3, PS3 test, Ul’dah, and Limsa will be released but what other features will be there
    y; Free Company is there, and I apologize but guildhest will be available, bigger F.A.T.E., also there is going to be more regions so just think of it as triple amount, also we’re going to open the beginning main scenarios, dungeons, 1,2,3,4,5, a lot
    f; lots
    y; so it’s really hard right now
    f; that’s the keyword then “really hard”
    y; it’s really hard, right now.
    f; lots will be added
    y; having the development team really work hard
    f; keep it up

    # ----------------------------------------------------
    # Q44: Are there any plans to implement open world content other than FATE?
    # A44: While FATE will be the only open world content, there are plenty of aspects of FATE that we have not released. Please stay tuned!
    # ----------------------------------------------------
    f; okay next - Are there any plans for open contents other than F.A.T.E.?
    y; In general want to push F.A.T.E., so for example, for those of you that played the beta there is one where NPC bandits holding a fort, where NPC is trying to take it back and you help them, and when you take it down, next you try and defend.
    y; Next there will be a F.A.T.E. where monsters kidnap NPC’s from town so you can stop that in real time, and if you don’t those NPC’s won’t be available in town, so next you have to and save them back at the ___ monsters base, and you fight boss monsters and stuff.
    y; There are many, there are people trying to bring back ghost town to life and located to Coeurl’s nest and ....
    y; So we’re planning to put in ideas in there and also hamlet and stuff from previous XIV will all be though this so please think of everything open as F.A.T.E. related.

    f; okay next, please show us how Coerthas Mor Dhona will look in ARR
    y; show it?
    f; yes
    y; This is beautiful isn’t it?
    f; Yes it is.
    y; I was told not to show the water
    f; why?
    y; not sure
    f; is there a secret or something?
    y; I think here was a really important Lalafell sitting here in swim suit here while Miqo’te’s are fanning.
    y; The sunset here is beautiful, but really, I was told by the staff that the water isn’t done so please don’t show it.
    f; still early
    y; I’m gonna get in trouble later probably
    f; they are going to say “I told you”
    y; I’m like “it’s alright”
    f; well you showed it already.
    y; Since it’s last I’m going to change to sunset, can you switch screens

    # ----------------------------------------------------
    # Q45: Could you show us any other limit breaks other than the meteor?
    # A45: While the limit break system will be available from phase 3 of the Beta Test, we're currently working on a FF-like trailer to highlight the limit break system. Please stay tuned! # ----------------------------------------------------
    f; Next question is last - Could you please show us Limit Break in the live game other than Meteor?
    y; yeah people would want to know about it soon
    y; hold on a sec
    y; checking on the sunset
    y; From phase 3, no 4, you’ll able to start using it but what we’re currently working on a “Final Impact Trailer” right now, and that’s also hard right now but other classes level 3, like Final Heaven, at that time you will see other classes limit break, which shows “this is Final Fantasy” so would like for everyone to wait for that one
    y; why am I getting hit by monster
    f; ok changed to live
    f; it’s beautiful
    y; for limit break there is lv1,2,3, for lv1, it can be used with light party so please talk with each other to use or not use and enjoy.
    y; we are working on a trailer, so please look at it then.

    # ----------------------------------------------------
    # Q46: Could you show us how Coerthas and Mor Dhona look in ARR?
    # A46: Both Coerthas and Mor Dhona will be high-level areas in ARR. You will be able to feel the destruction of the Seventh Umbral Era and the presence of the empire. In addition, the weather will change drastically as you get closer to Ishgard. You will also be able to find dragons within the dungeons.
    # We are planning to release a trailer in the future so please stay tuned!
    # ----------------------------------------------------
    f; i just heard a voice from gods, but saying you haven’t answered about Coerthas and Mor Dhona
    y; Oh yeah, earlier you saw where Magitek Armor was walking was something
    y; No good? No good, don’t do it? They are laughing with amazement
    y; in previous XIV, those places were not involved much with the scenarios, but this time it’s prepared as pretty high level area
    y; it’s really amazing, right now, these areas here are still peaceful with beach and stuff but you’ll really see the effect from 7th Umbral Era, and battle remains with the Empire, also there is a dark feel of a battle front.
    y; Also the major change in the weather, where it’s covered in snow, also Dragons are featured in Ishgard so their existence comes up. And that reflects the dungeons there.
    y; we will introduce it the field walkthrough part 3
    y; In future Producer Letter Live, we want to make sure we show the actual scenes instead of art, and being told it’s fake, we’ll show from the ones that finished, and show it in trailers and stuff, please look forward to it.

    # Info regarding nico2 choukaigi 2 event
    # not going to fix up translations on these part, as I feel it’s not that important
    # at this time.

    f; ff14 arr will attend nico2 choukaigi event - please go into power point
    f; as we mentioned already, we are collaborating with windows 8
    f; and the name .... (name too damn long)
    y; name is long
    f; this is the booth
    y; people may say kids like that going to play MMO?
    f; this is just an image
    y; we want players to go through character make and try out a bit
    f; we’ll follow up on the location and all that later but first it’s right when you go through hall1
    f; we’ll have different stage events, demo corner, become miqo’te corner
    f; in this area, you can go through miqo’te make up, and get miqo’te ear as present.
    y; make staff will makeup and put on ears, and asking to PR the game
    f; no not saying to do PR
    y; as producer I want to say please do
    f; also for this stage event - introduce windows 8
    y; since we are collaborating
    f; did you tryout miqo’te makeup? this one features that section in live event
    f; soken creates a music on the spot
    s: ???
    y; he’s like I have to compose something on spot
    f; we’ll have the stuff there, bringthe booth there, to show his work so other can watch and enjoy
    y; wow that’s amazing, I’m amazed
    s; i didn’t hear anything about this...
    f; we brought different actors and asked them questions
    f; one more another talk event with YoshiP & Hiroyuki
    y; want to do free talk with him
    f; the marketing is really worried about this one
    y; they can’t touch since it’s live
    y;there is one more
    f; yoshida might answer some questions
    y; if players ask some questions and i’m there I want to answer
    y; in the PR event if there is people we meet, want to talk and answer
    f; we’re going to make it so you can see it with nico-nama
    f; they probably want to ask teh questions and have them show up on screen
    f; actor stage - going to introduce one today
    f; ms. tanaka rie will be coming
    y; what kind of voice will she be in charge
    y; this is the script with the signature
    f; what’s with the pink lines
    y; this isn’t all for the script, this is only one part
    f; we have more coming
    y; how many actors...
    f: the pink parts have the parts those actors are playing
    f; please look forward to the event - (JST) 4/27-4/28 please check out the url for info
    y; there is one thing I was told to mention
    y; the booth is limited so please look around and then come through the booth, might get crowded but please feel at home.
    f; yoshida sand and soken san will be there, mocchi as well
    y; molbol too
    f; yes i’ll bethere
    y; please bring those that don’t know about xiv also
    f; ok that’s it for the advertisement for the event
    f; today was bit long
    f; starting tomorrow is beta phase 2
    y; it’s ready to test
    y; originally we were planning to wipe the characters at phase 1, but felt it was bit harsh for players to start over to try out the high level content so you’ll be able to. One thing though, the gamepad mode is there so we want to please check and leave feedbacks on that, so please make a new character and check through the howto’s as those are different. Don’t want players to suddenly use gamepad mode with high level and go manor and get in a difficult situation
    f; that’s it for today, anything else today
    y; nope, i had to kneel down (seiza) and didn’t know why,
    y; my bone made cracking sound and i think that sound was picked up
    f; ok starting tomorrow beta 2, next will be the 7th, once we have the details will let you know, we would like to end it here,
    y; see you at the chou-kaigi event~

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    Hi Rein,
    Thanks for being awesome as usual. Greatly appreciated also here in Europe!

    I wanted to ask you if you have seen the Live Letter 6 Test Broadcast aswell?
    Did you find something especially funny or any news in there? Mocchi and Soken are hilarious as always, but what the hell happened that Yoshida-san got on his knees aswell (um lol).

    Would be nice to know for the non-japanese speakers if we missed something in there.
    I have seen both Test Broadcasts many times and it has been very funny regardless!

    Thanks in advance and keep rocking dat subligar!

    LINK to Producer Letter LIVE VI Test Broadcast
    Quote Originally Posted by Sasunaich View Post
    Ich hoffe, du kommst auch ohne Rezept an genug Koks XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by SidRheingold View Post
    Hi Rein,
    Thanks for being awesome as usual. Greatly appreciated also here in Europe!

    I wanted to ask you if you have seen the Live Letter 6 Test Broadcast aswell?
    Did you find something especially funny or any news in there? Mocchi and Soken are hilarious as always, but what the hell happened that Yoshida-san got on his knees aswell (um lol).

    Would be nice to know for the non-japanese speakers if we missed something in there.
    I have seen both Test Broadcasts many times and it has been very funny regardless!

    Thanks in advance and keep rocking dat subligar!

    LINK to Producer Letter LIVE VI Test Broadcast
    Actually did the test broadcast VI translation before the actual real broadcast started and link was in that google doc.
    Here's the link:

    I didn't fix up any of the translation, it was done as practice before the actual started so might be a little confusing.

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    Posting this here:

    Decided to stop subbing the Live Letter after 17 minutes of subbed video...

    Denmo graciously pointed to a Twitter post by Bayohne from April 5th,Twitter Pic, which shows they are in the process of subbing the video. Since the post was 4 days ago, I'm assuming the letter should be out sometime soon, but nevertheless, it IS being subbed, and thus, no reason for me to keep going.

    Many thanks to Rein still for providing the script and translations. I've uploaded what I managed to complete. Enjoy!

    Live Letter VI 17min subbed

    Edit: I know there's some weird character glitches in the subs, a problem that happened only when I was hardcoding the subs in. Should still be readable though.

  9. 04-10-2013 03:33 PM

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    Epic shout-outs to Bayohne and Camate.

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    Was wondering if you could translate these if your bored or something. Kinda wondering what JP reviewers opinions are so far.

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