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    Quote Originally Posted by neorei View Post
    you don't have anything major to do tommorrow right? lol
    - Drop off kids at daycare
    - Work
    - Work
    - Work

    nope nothing major

    Edit: 00:44 PST - posting from my phone... Why the hell does time warner internet go down today when it usually never does.... Hope it gets UP before live starts

    Edit2: 00:49 PST - it's back!! phew... lol
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    I'm still up so I'll try my best doing the live translations

    9min 40sec to go~

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    nice! thanks

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    3rd P. Letter Live - Live translation script

    NOTE: I might miss some stuff while listening to live or fall asleep...
    if nothing is updated when live starts assume I crashed on my keyboard sleeping.

    *** SOME PARTS MAY BE WRONG/HARD TO UNDERSTAND AS I WAS TYPING WHILE WATCHING LIVE SO WAIT FOR OFFICIAL VIDEO FOR THOSE, didn't fix or anything 5:40AM here gonna try take a quick nap before I wake up in hour lol ***

    As usual translations are not 100% accurate at times, trying my best to be accurate as possible.

    Producer Live Part III link posted on Lodestone -

    Y = YoshiP // F = Foxclon // M = Mocchi // W = Wada

    Y & F - good evening
    3rd p letter live time is here

    Y: FF14 and 2.0 FF P&D Yoshida Naoki here
    F: Murouchi here everyone knows me as molbol
    Y: This time it’s going to be bit long
    F: received lots of questions this time.
    Y: We just had an update but we made it possible to kill Atmos but heard people complaining it’s coming out too much and items are too easy to obtain. And also causing problems for server where people can’t login, getting kicked. These will be fixed in 2.0’s server which will be more stable.

    F: ok lets start
    Y: lets wipe and show the 2.0 gameplay
    F: This time we want to show the live demonstration like this
    F: First off on the 25th event we showed ramuh and titan can we expect new primal battles
    Y: Yes there will be new primal battles, please look forward to it
    F: next - from bringing essence from other FF series such as Crystal tower, Magitek armor, Gold Saucer if there is anything else that’s in your head can you give us some hint?
    Y: If I say something it will end up something we don’t know when it’s going to release but something like Red XIII... XIV? but yeah stuff like that,
    F: Will Red 14 come out we’ll see
    F: For mount can we ride different ones from 2.0
    Y: would like to release different mounts for sure since they are fun
    F: Whats going to happen to the buddies
    Y: We talked about getting rid of parley in 25th event but just like that we will temporary stop the buddy (from current) want to make a buddy (fellow) like FFXI where they can fight along with you. So we will temporary take them out and bring them back
    F: once they power up then
    Y: Yes
    F: in already existing dated weapons will those remain or will they get deleted in 2.0
    Y: It was there from beginning so we don’t plan on getting rid or but you will not be able to trade and will be something that wont exist so we will make it where you can’t trade to avoid any problems.
    F: Related question but for 2.0 gil will it be wiped or change?
    Y: We already mentioned before we would not wipe but we will put this on topics but for example arrow price is bit expensive so stuff like that will change, and gil total will be less by 1 digit for all players and at same time all NPC sold items will be 1 less digit (1,000 gil > 100 gil)

    F: When are you looking for musketeer release?
    Y: We don’t have a set date but we are talking about ninja’s, samurai’s and all that so we’re thinking of adding something that’s balance but at this time we haven’t decided yet on which.
    Y: For musketeer say for example the gear has left hand, right hand and you want to duel gun we have the system setup so those will work when we do release stuff like that.

    F: Will there be any shields that is related to primals? We have weapons but no shield.
    Y: mmmm did we have any shield... mmmm (looking through papers) showing paper. Set with sword
    Y: this is also transforming weapon - from Titan

    F: In title we put HD so they could probably see the text clearly
    Y: Maybe we did something bad lol
    F: next question - gatherer/crafter how will it change/ please explain the details. please show us in live demo if possible
    Y: This is different zone we didn’t show, please don’t ask where this is
    F: So getherer/crafter could you show
    F: showing the gear set feature

    Y: OK this time’s crafting, I’m going to be controlling so here
    Y: you have a craft log where you choose the item you want to craft and shows the number of materials needed, and option to use NQ or HQ and start crafting
    Y: basically to expand on crafting to craft while increasing the quality and progress, and healing the durability. You have CP to use the abilities to use the actions to craft.
    Better the quality you get more exp.
    This is level 10 right now so - you will learn the basic skills and also have abilities to increase quality or progress so using those you can craft. As you level you will have one shot crafting skill as well.

    While we put the screen back I’ll move the character

    Y: next gathering - the system right now is not modified or speicifc for this event it’s actual one for alpha and currently going through bug progress.
    Y: Here’s new action sprint where you use TP to run
    Y: For gathering point you can use the skill to show/hide the gathering location this way you can show ones you don’t need to see or can’t gather yet because of level.
    Depending on level you can gather different items so you can choose which item you want to gather by looking at success % rate and leveling from that and we also have unknown (hidden) items also which you can find - we are designing it so you can try to guess those items like dark matters. You have to watch the GP and this one takes more time to restore so if you over use too much you will run out of breath and have harder time gathering. While playing you will learn where to gather for what items and will be where you can make sure where want to go.

    Y: For details when you create a new character you can only choose from battle class. By being able to choose any class it will confuse people so first want to have players start from battle class and learning how to play, sell, talk, and at lv10 it opens up the armoury system where you can then select crafter/gatherer. Some may say oh no, it’s sub class but would like for you to try them out and we have it made so they are unique. Also fishing is different so we can’t show that yet but here something like this, can you see (showing fishing rod art, AF?)

    Y: This is blacksmith (blacksmith AF)
    F: Changing is very smooth
    Y: Thanks, when talking about gear set, by selecting gear set nothing changes but after selecting if you press change (button next to it) it will change. We did this to make it smooth.
    F: Just got message crafting music is gone
    Y: Soken side is.... yeah it will be there it’s being worked.
    Y: We really remade everything so the sound system everything needs to be put back and stuff so for those in alpha it might be missing but please don’t worry about those.
    F: From the staff they are saying I thought we’re not adding crafting music
    Y: lol well we just got the request so... well... it’s up to Soken
    F: you just through the ball at Soken lol
    Soken : Okay~
    Y: lol he answered
    F: --
    Y: when you put item in the gear set it wont take up inventory space but right now it’s 200 inventory space but it will be reduced to 100 and you can get the remaining 100 from special NPC which will hold onto your remaining 100 items.
    F: Meteor Survivor Tshirt - we get lots of request from NA side
    Y: We got lots of request but it’s really made nice it may take a while so we would like to look into this one.
    F: DX9 and will it supportDX10 and 11
    Y: At 2.0 we won’t support 11 since it will take a lot of work to support 11 so at later time talking to Hashimoto we are talking about it bit by bit and planning to support it later on.
    Y: When we put up the alpha test info the specs were up but right now we are optimizing more so we’re trying to test how much we can drop and keep it Final Fantasy still. We wil give out the specifics later. We are goign to talk about this next week/ next next week about it with staff.
    For shop people please know the info released was for alpha test for actual please wait for later on.

    F: Next question is last for first half of the video
    Y: wait wait
    F: yeah you’re getting hit
    F: level Cap release?
    Y: in 2.0 we will keep it at 50 for start and we can’t promise the timing yet but we will make sure to do this later on. Also the battle system is completely different so although you’re 50 you have to relearn the battle.

    F: We went through different events so wanted to show some images/photos of behind the scenes so please look at it... why you looking bad
    Y: afraid it might have some pics I don’t want to be seen in

    break time ~~

    F: hope you enjoyed the photos, at part some said Harlem
    Y: yes
    F: So lets continue
    W: I’m here, introduce me
    Y: oh oh, sorry sorry
    Y: SE CEO Wada
    W: I wanted to check if it’s really getting better and if everything is good so I stopped by. I think for instance cutters cry I gathered a party I tried to enter and couldn’t enter the instance, ended up waiting for a long time... can’t you fix that?
    Y: So you made the party and went there but couldn’t get in
    W: Yeah tried to go in and we went there and we couldn’t
    Y: In current we increase depending on how much is of the content is being used but in 2.0 it has a system which automatically increase/decrease the instances depending on how much is needed. Those will be fixed so it should be better. Right now we had where when new content is released where people can’t enter but those will be fixed in 2.0.
    W: Yeah we ended up disbanding...
    Y: Yeah those will be fixed
    W: I wanted to send tell to someoen directly but couldn’t can’t you make it easier?
    Y: It’s still buggy and locked out but we are trying to make it global standard where you click on PC and can choose to send as tell
    Y: You can tell you’re really playing
    W: I got couple 50 class
    Y: You’re the type of person that comes in a bar and start talking to anyone...
    W: How about monks and stances
    Y: For monks it turned out to become like magic/elemental fighter but for monks it’s changed where you keep on hitting faster and more you continue hitting it will increase damage. We will have the element we have now but it will be different.
    Y: can you show the live screen.
    Y: Like this for archer if you’re far away and right click it will attack with range and when close range it will attack differently. This is the actual alpha version so there is timer for swithing class so have to wait.
    W: OK while we wait there was a time where Ul’dah dropped so many times...
    Y: For that im a bit worried but for alpha we want to see/check how many can be in one zone to fight in same place. We’re talking where if it’s really busy area to have a separate instance of town for example and once the population lowers to merge it back and stuff.
    W: So those will be fixed, how about market?
    Y: Those are being worked on --- it will be like instanced area but we changed this part a lot also and can be shown from beta for this one. We have changed a lot. Right now you can’t search NQ and HQ or materia or without materia. We have search with multiple options.
    W: what this resort? can I go here?
    Y: where you find that
    W: I found it in other room
    Y: you just took it ??
    W: yeah I’m the president...
    F: can you explain the housing?
    Y: that one was Limsa’s ocean reason housing area
    Y: This is a dummy for housing size check.
    Y: You can build houses and have open fields and such (showing housing images)
    Y: this is forest concept art - it’s still being worked on
    W: it’s nice you can choose
    Y: yeah you can first buy land first. You first get the land and next you buy permit to build the house to build the base house. From there you get housing widget where you can purchase say roof parts, or have crafters build them and equip/put them on the housing or add tapestry where you can customize.
    W: You can get into it
    Y: yes, at the yard you can put object like chocobo stuff so you can play with those.
    Y: for house object you can drag/drop furnitures and move it around it is being developed so it’s very flexible.
    F: Right now lots are interested in the ocean resort area.
    Y: Yeah like this one Wada-san picked up... you can build around.
    Y: You can build as guild/linkshell camp and have rooms for each person and stuff.
    Y: you will be able to expand on them later on as well
    W: OK good was bit worried about that.
    Y: You can upgrade the housing by paying more, so first build something small and build more and more. We’re carefully working on this one.
    F: This is something to look forward
    F: Wada-san do you have any other questions?
    W: PS3 when you start giving out info
    Y: I wanted to answer questions without being worried... for PS3 we’re planning to start releasing info around October... (checking with staff) yeah around October. Once we have the info ready we will try to release as soon as possible
    W: I’m worried about the PS3 specs
    Y: I was talking to Yoshida Akihiko during the break but he said the image is blurry, you know it’s much better and don’t show the water since we’re still working on it. We are working on it so it will be better
    W: How about benchmark...
    Y: you keep on asking these questions...
    F: ok for benchmark we did talk about
    Y: For benchmark we talked about releasing twice, first at around beta to check how much the pc spec can handle and another one before the actual launch and that one where you can do character make in and save that to use in actual game.
    F: We can’t show but character make can do a lot more
    Y: Yes wanted to show it today but there are bugs and we couldn’t but hopefully we can show soon.
    Y: We are actually making and the images weren’t fake so please believe us when we say we’re working on the PS3 version. (people were surprised it wasn’t photoshop image when 2.0 docs released)
    F: For gearset do we need to prepare same items for diffferent gear slots?
    Y: Right now you will have to get 2 for example you have 2 gear sets to be realistic. We’re trying to make it possible but for UI it’s going to be confusing so right now we’re talking about where you can use the macro to move those items between gear sets so it’s going to bit technical. We want to ask the players and get feedback for this one.
    F: So for now right now if you want same items in 2 gear sets you need to get 2 of the same item?
    Y: Yes at this time that’s it but we want to get players feedback for this one.

    F: Q from twitter - spell casting animation. will it be where it casts while the weapon isn’t drawn
    Y: let me run away firrst since I got agro from active.
    Y: I have to wait for timer to start casting... this is the actual version we want players to try so we have to wait
    Y: ok have to get off first. it’s like this (showing spell casting)
    Y: it’s something like this (showing different spells)
    F: Ok while fighting next question - for character make, face type, hair style, voice will it increase?
    Y: First off depending on race/gender the amount varied so those will be fixed and Hulan will be fixed where it doesn’t look sleepy.
    F: k next regarding character - will we be able to go to Ishgard or Alamigo?
    Y: For Alamigo and Ishgard at time or launch you can’t go in yet. Right now we’re only showing forest region and I understand people want to see other areas but right now we’re really working on every region with new maps so they have different mobs and stuff. Also we been making all this in a very short time and to have Alamigo or Ishgard it will take another year and doing that will have someone like the person here get angry so for that reason we have it this way. We have other new areas you can explore also so would like you to check those out and add other new areas later.

    Y: like this.. showing Tita-n?
    Y: This is Amon
    F: you’re going to get in trouble
    Y: it’s ok Wada-san can fix it
    Y: we have been looking and redesigning these NPC so there may be characters that may not have the new gear/looks in alpha but please don’t worry too much about that
    F: so to look forward to those then
    Y: yes

    F; next question - for current player and 2.0 new players can they play together at launch.
    Y: first off regarding world - we will defniitly increase so for like PS3 players or new players starting on PC when making new character you can choose current world also so if you want them to play on your world you can have them choose or start a new character and play together in a new world.

    F: Please explain the details of free company
    Y: First gather with 4 people - get in grand company - go to grand company counter and apply for free company and that’s when it will be created. At that time you will have a shared box which is shared with the 4 and have for example company leader which can only take out items from the box and stuff. It has detailed option so you can set those. By completing contents your free company level increases and you can create more emblems or have other features to expand. You can make a free company with 8 static members but say you can have allie with another company where you can share BBS (forum) and stuff together it has lots of options.
    Y: You can also join company as a guest to try out the company and see if you like the company or not. Also you can invite low level players and by helping them you get points and stuff. It’s not too strict but one thing is you can’t have multiple free company as we have issues with shared items and stuff so that will be there.

    Y: The battle system is (sorry missed qusition/answer, baby crying >< wife went)

    F: OK the time is about right so lets go to the last question - could you talk about how the leve’s will change in 2.0?
    Y: It wont change much in 2.0 for alpha we are making so you can try that. For behest it will change so we were thinking of maybe changing the name to avoid confusion. For Hamlet, Caravan we are making simple system and those are being worked on also having town attacked and stuff also are being worked on. You can easily join parties and leave. We plan on adding lots of these areas in. It wont be in alpha but we are going to add in 2.0 to make it more lively.

    F: For the live event we had all of these people here
    Y: Oh yeah I was told to say that Miqo’te doesn’t have a tail right now. We are working on the build right now but the tails length is set to 0 so it’s there but since the length is 0 it’s not showing... so just saying for later on when people check the video and say Miqo’te is missing tail and stuff.. it’s for this reason.

    F: OK the live letter is hour and half so people start saying we look tired and we have no questions to answer but are there anything you want to talk? like free talk.

    Y: I wanted to talk about the servers in other countries - first off when selecting the world it will show all the worlds but it will show sections showing where the data server are located. So for me say I live in Japan I can choose to use server located in Japan and NA player can choose to choose the server closer to their region but we don’t want to separate the players by countries since we have players who want to play in Japan or visa versa and using content finder you can join with other region players and stuff also.

    Showing chocobo BLM -WHM gear - yeah...
    Y: you can raise chocobo in different styles llke healer will become like that WHM or like defeating behemoth you can put on that gear on chocobo and ride it & fight alnog with it.
    We are talking about making many gears.

    F: Staff saying you showed behemoth...
    W: We weren’t supposed to show it I think lol
    Y: it’s ok we got a lot - we’re talkinga bout adding lots so there will be those that will be added at launch and some after so would like for you to really look forward to them.

    F: People also wanted to know about PvP
    Y: Yeah that is there also but taking about that would take some time
    W: Yeah another 30 minutes or something
    Y: yep also there are people who don’t care much about PvP and stuff so we want to talk about it but probably next time. We’ll do more of these.

    F: ok so lets end it around here, are you ok with it?
    Y: yes
    F: any last words?
    Y: On 11/11 we also will be doing a finale producer letter live - and we finally came to this point where we are near 2.0 14 - we are developing at unbelievable speed.
    F: OK with that said we would like to end the 3rd producer letter... you’re showing that again
    Y: yeah I really like these lol
    F: OK is there anything you want to show
    Y: ok look at this and we’ll end for now. (showing book design for arcanist)


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    Thank you for doing this.
    SE response - Please look forward to it!

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    Thanks Rein for all the time you put in to help us ^O^

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    For those of you that missed it - it's full on Japanese without English translations you can see all the NA Q/A posts Bay posted on forums to follow up on Q/A and see the images/gameplay for the rest

    1st half -
    2nd half -

    If you don't have login for nico video just copy those URL and paste it here to watch without login:

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    1/10's everything
    Archers wont need to buy arrows no more !?

    Quote Originally Posted by Naoki_Yoshida View Post
    Producer/Director Yoshida here,

    I have made an announcement that in 2.0 we will be decrease the gil by lowering the gils digit by 1 and would like to confirm this report. I have also mentioned this but we will put this out on Topics as well so please wait for the final details.

    1. 新生FFXIVのNPC販売品や買取価格は現行FFXIVの1/10の価格になります
      NPC's Buying/selling rate in 2.0 FFXIV will be 1/10's value of current FFXIV
    2. 新生FFXIVの各種コンテンツ/モンスタードロップなどの報酬ギル量は現行FFXIVの1/10になります
      Reward gil amount from contents/monster drop in 2.0 will be 1/10's value of current FFXIV
    3. 現行FFXIVで1桁ギルで販売されているアイテムの買取価格は新生で調整か破棄されます
      Items sold at 1 digit gil will be adjusted in 2.0 or destroyed.
      (For those items that will be destroyed the gil will automatically returned but even at that time the amount returned will be 1/10's of current value)
    4. バトル仕様の大幅変更などにより、新生FFXIVと現行FFXIVのアイテム価値は異なります
      Due to the major changes in battle system, the value of items will vary from current and 2.0 FFXIV
    5. 現行プレイヤーの皆さんの所持金は新生FFXIV開始時1/10になります
      Current players gil will start with 1/10's at start time of FFXIV.

    So all the effort you all put in to obtaining gil hasn't been lost.
    Even if everyone's gil is reduced to 1/10's the amount of gil going out and Selling/Buying rate from NPC will also be 1/10's so nothing will change.
    However this will inconvenience some emotionally, please accept my apology.

    Also some may feel that "Money is going to be decreased!" but to continue operations for long term post 2.0 we would like to take measure where the players can feel values closer to reality than having something economically too high.

    In 2.0 archer wont require arrows therefore we don't have to have the digit increased for the arrow price and decided to optimize. This is the main/only reason behind it.
    We have no other intentions of deleting players gil so wanted to make that part clear.

    At the live we simply mentioned that the entire economy will also be 1/10's so there will be no loss. I apologize for not making it clear.






    Came back and saw there was official translation up now -
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    However this will inconvenience some emotionally,
    I'll be sure to tell this to my sister next time she's mad at me. "I apologize for the emotional inconvenience...."

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