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    4Gamer - FFXIV interview 2/8/2013 - posted 2/22 (JST)

    4Gamer - FFXIV interview 2/8/2013 - posted 2/22 (JST)
    Source :

    4 - 4Gamer
    Y - YoshiP
    My comments

    4 - First, I would like to ask you what is the purpose of doing the overseas media tour? I understand the closed Beta test is approaching.

    Y - Japanese media and those players who experienced the alpha test would know this but compared to previous FFXIV, FFXIV ARR is completely different.

    4 - The entire server system is brand new from what we heard.

    Y - Yes. However for foreign media’s they say “it’s just an expansion to the existing right?”. Therefore, we wanted to show the different from the previous FFXIV, and the beauty of FFXIV ARR to them. That is our main goal this time.

    4 - Even people in Japan think that is the case. Okay, we would like to ask you several questions regarding “Realm Reborn”. First off the difference between previous FFXIV and FFXIV ARR.

    Y - When remaking FFXIV, we have made the client more light weight, with more speed, and worldless (via content finder to match parties from several worlds). Also, we have implemented a global standard UI and made revamped the maps to new maps. Basically it’s “everything”.

    4 - From the Alpha test report we wrote, we were really surprised by how light the client was. Also the sceneries from the new maps were really well.

    Y - We were really particular about the maps. To see if we want to go there. And, not only the setting of the looks, but if you go there, there is something and making sure there is gaming experience there.

    4 - Not sure if it was how the quests were laid out, but it felt like by completing quests you expand on the map while your character grows. How far can you grow (level up) with this type of system.

    Y - You can go up to level 50.

    4 - That was a quick answer. So at least for one class, you’re saying you can level up to the max level by following through the quests.

    Y - If you play through the main story and the quests it will be that way. Even in Beta phase 1, for the most part you can play through the sub-quests and such to bring up to level 25. For Beta Phase 1 the area is limited, so part of the main quest can’t be completed, however from level 25 you would be able to go to a new dungeon, so if you can go play there you should be able to reach level 35 (Beta phase 1 level cap)

    4 - In alpha test it was really easy to level the first class, so it felt harder when leveling 2nd class on. I understand you can just kill mobs or do leves.

    Y - For the 2nd class we haven’t confirmed yet on the decision, we will talk about that one once the timing is right (confirmed). It will depend on the result of beta test, but we’re talking right now to make sure growth matches with the armoury system.

    4 - This is also related to character growth, but the battle speed also increased. However, due to that it feels like it’s harder to grasp the situation. For example, by missing the chat log you end up failing to clear the content.

    Y - In FFXIV ARR, those parts are all covered with graphics, therefore you wouldn’t have to worry much about the log. At Beta phase 1, you will be able to go to a new dungeon called “Yashiki*”, but if you experience the gimmicks and boss battle, you should see the direction FFXIV ARR is going to take.

    * Mansion/Manor - NA will probably have different name to match the lore.

    4 - I want to see what type of gimmicks are there in “Yashiki”, want to try it out fast.

    Y - Just for reference, we have made adjustments for this dungeon where it will be difficult without a tank class. For that reason, we made it so you can play as a Gladiator. By talking to the wandering minstrel, Gladiator class will be unlocked. So in beta phase 1 please have a tank in your party and try it out.
    As for the dungeons level design, it depends greatly on the content finder so we’ll make carefull adjustments.

    4 - What do you mean?

    Y - If we make it where you can’t complete with new party members, or can’t clear because of how much knowledge one person has or doesn’t have. If the dungeon ends up this way, people will start saying you can’t clear with a party formed by using content finder and no one will use it.

    4 - Ah, I see. It will end up with just LS members and stuff.

    Y - Also, if you wipe on the boss and the distance to that boss is too far, you don’t want to wipe. In that case for first time dungeons, the pressure is strong. If we don’t design it where you can freely wipe, no one would use the finder. For that part, I am looking forward to the feedbacks we’ll get from playing the beta.

    4 - Alright, we’ll try hard to wipe then (laugh).

    Y - Yes, please do (laugh). Going back on topic, for the parts we made it easier to understand through graphics, there is one where yellow lines will appear between monsters. This is a sign shows the monster links. If you attack this one mob, the other mob attached to that yellow line would link as well.

    4 - So you can tell how many mobs there are from beginning.

    Y - Players strength will change depending on number of people in your party, so we have made adjustments to the monster to match that power. however I didn’t want to make it where you won’t know how strong the monsters are until you attack them. By doing that you can’t come up with a strategy. Can this option be turned off? If possible turn it off. But, now you can also see which player has hate by a hate line so it’s useful in dungeons. It’s like an evolved version of FFXII’s target line.

    4 - I see, that was indeed easy to understand.

    Y - Also the battle speed is much faster than what it was in alpha version. If you’re thinking like the previous FFXIV you might get worried (laugh).

    4 - What? How fast is it?

    Y - We have shortened the global cooldown by 0.5 seconds. However, when the development member leveled to level 20 through quests, they got used to that speed. So, I believe it’s not something to worry too much about. I think in Alpha version it felt like a big difference since it was different environment from previous FFXIV.

    Y - Ah, that may be so. At the presentation you mentioned that FFXIV ARR has all the features of MMORPG.

    Y - Yes. I am a greedy person, so I have everything in there (laugh). When putting this much power into battle contents, there are other games which don’t put in housing, but in FFXIV ARR we will do both. We want to put in as much power to be able to live.

    4 - For the players to feel the livelihood.

    Y - Yes. In regards to housing we would like to announce around the open Beta test, what type of scenery, where you can build the house, along with performing stress tests. So please look forward to it.

    4 - Looking forward to it.

    Y - For battle contents such as raids and other, we are planning to put in a lot uncomparable to previous FFXIV. We will also have PvP. We will try to do everything that’s possible in a MMORPG.

    4 - How about the story for FFXIV ARR. In previous FFXIV, Bahamut came out of Dalamud and the end of era has arrived.

    Y - In FFXIV ARR story, we have a new main story while not breaking the lore settings of the previous FFXIV. Also the selling point of Final Fantasy series are the beautiful graphics and the story. Specially this time around we have done lots of rewriting on the story, so please look forward to that.

    4 - Earlier I mentioned that we were surprised on how light the client was, I’m surprised because it was light was that much quality.

    Y - That is thanks to the light and beautiful rendering engine. I really want to thank the staff who created the client in this short amount of time. We want to reform the visual side of MMORPG. With this height (character), quality, and careful details. I believe that is the strongest selling point for FFXIV ARR.
    However in 5 years, when the general graphics quality increase people would say current FFXIV ARR is nice but......

    4 - Not sure how much but the PC specs will increase more and more, those current high end PC’s right now will be the standard later.

    Y - When that time comes, to make sure people don’t feel that way, we are going to keep on increasing the capabilities for the graphics.

    4 - So you mean you’re going to add a higher quality settings than what is available now?

    Y - Yes. For example in “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” by implementing MOD, there are players playing with very very high quality. In FFXIV ARR, we want to add higher and higher options and continue to provide the best graphics.

    4 - How about the lower end.

    Y - We will keep the lower as is. By increasing the lower end it would make it unplayable for those people, so we don’t plan on increasing the minimum requirements. To increase the maximum cap there isn’t any issue so we want to make sure you can compare it to new games and feel that it’s still good.

    4 - OK. Next could you please explain the story.

    Y - In FFXIV ARR story we have three pillars. First one being the mystery behind the planet Hydaelyn. The main stage where the players adventure is in a region called Eorzea which is on a large continent named Aldenard which is in this planet Hydaelyn. This planet Hydaelyn has it’s own conscious, and that is formed through a Mother Crystal. Players as adventurers will be lead by this Mother Crystal to uncover this mystery.

    4 - Being the planets life (ether), there were other details explaining that Hydaelyn itself was a living form, but it also has conscious as well.

    Y - Yes. The story explains what is going on with Hydaelyn. In previous FFXIV there was a name Ascien, but nothing was talked about after. This will play the key role to the planets mystery.

    4 - Yes, we didn’t know what that was.

    Y - However, this isn’t something you can clear when FFXIV ARR starts. Just think of it as a mystery that keeps on coming back to the entire FFXIV.

    4 - Hmm, so it’s something that shows the FFXIV’s lore.

    Y - It’s close to background story. The other one is the one that easy to understand, which is the main story. The real battle between the Imperials, Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, Ul’dah’s grand company. Players will join in as adventurers to fight for the freedom. Once this story is complete, it will be the first FFXIV ARR’s ending.

    4 - So there an ending is prepared.

    Y - It’s a RPG and there are players who enjoy consumer games so by completing this story once they will feel like they completed through once. But of course this is a MMORPG so it’s not just going to end there.

    4 - Like Hydaelyn’s mystery which is much larger.

    Y - Yes. Aside from that leaving side stories and through updates we will add more stories. But the battle between the imperials will complete once at level 50. Within that story the keyword “Warriors of Light” will come up.

    4 - Oh, that’s the word used in several FF series.

    Y - This time it’s MMORPG so, there are couple. This will come up as text in game as well so please look forward to what this means.

    4 - Alright.

    Y - Third last pillar is the battle between (players) and beastmen/primals. Within the main story, Ifrit and Garuda will be involved but it won’t just stop there. Like previous FFXIV was there will be new beastmen tribes introduced in Hydaelyn. Every time they come up they eat the life of the planet and the players need to fight against the primals to stop that.

    4 - When talking about primals, whatever happened to Bahamut?

    Y - Yes. Where did Bahamut go after doing that much damage. What happened to Luisoux? There are several unsolved mysteries. By taking on the Great Labyrinth Bahamut this will unveil. Althought, at the timing of service start for FFXIV ARR you can’t get the full story, it will be expanded with patches to the raid dungeon. Just think of it like Bahamu dungeon phase 2 arrived!

    4 - So it’s going to be revealed in steps.

    Y - In the end, why did the world reborn? If you say, because you remade it (the game) then that’s it (laugh) but we put a story behind it so, we’ll get this one back through this content.

    4 - I see. So there are stories with different scales all mixed in. Also right now the players are in Eorzea on this planet Hydaelyn but what’s going to happen in the future?

    Y - It will probably be through expansion but we have to pick up on the story behind Ishgard as well, and what’s going to happen to Alamigo. There are many stories we can expand on so not only Eorzea but like in FFVI (should be IV...) I think it’s alright to be able to go to the moon.

    4 - Oh yeah it did go there (laugh). When talking about FF series, moon is one thing but it develops into space, underground civilizations, and mechanic civilizations, and some SF like features. Magitek armor being one of them.

    Y - For Magitek armors, development team is already riding them around.

    4 - Oh, it’s already made to that point.

    Y - Implementation is complete. It’s pretty big (laugh).

    4 - We can’t right it right away right?

    Y - You have to have high level. However it’s not made where you need to complete a super difficult content so don’t have to worry that much.

    4 - As an image, this is related to the imperials story right?

    Y - It’s imperials ride. So just imagine from there. We made the scenario for it so you should feel “Oh that makes sense” (once you go through the story)

    4 - So you’re going to be able to ride it while playing through the story.

    Y - Being able to suddenly ride it is boring, we made a story where you can learn why you’re able to ride imperials mechanic (gadget/machine) so please look forward to that.
    Also as we mentioned before, we have features from older FF series. For example, moogles and chocobos are there of course, there is Crystal Tower, and Amon, and Cloud of Darkness is there as well. Also there is something like Cait Sith. Also this is going to be first time but we have plans to introduce “Gilgamesh” as well.

    4 - ‘That’ Gilgamesh?

    Y - Yes (laugh). For Gilgamesh’s story, it’s going to be continuing quests and will be updated via quests.

    4 - Gilgamesh is a really special being. It jumps over different FF series and comes out as a same character... this is the only character that does this isn’t it.

    Y - Yes. That’s why we want to make people say he’s in FFXIV as well right? (laugh) How you will meet him and what kind of reward you get... for that one please look foward to it.

    4 - Are we going to get that weapon......

    Y - Not sure (laugh). Not only this but to operate long term we want to implement Gold Saucer as an casino for FFXIV and do many things. Once that timing is here will update you.

    4 - OK next, could you please explain the details of the benchmark trailer? This trailer is basically the content of benchmark itself right?

    Y - Yes. We are planning to release the benchmark on 2/22 (JST) via official site. Would like for those that are going to play on the PC to try it out.

    4 - There isn’t much previous instance where the contents of a benchmark being released as a trailer.

    Y - The contents of benchmark can only be seen by those with PC’s, but for those with PlayStation 3 version won’t know about it. Therefore we have decided to release as a trailer.
    4 - I see, (talking about the trailer) this one is showing Ul’dah, Limsa Lominsa, Gridania.

    Y - If you continue looking, there are scenes imaging the F.A.T.E. system. To point out one, at around 3:00, where the chocobo’s are running, you see battles going on around. In that you see characters running towards the large treant and joining in on the battle. This is the image of F.A.T.E.

    4 - Ah, I see it! In the previous FFXIV you couldn’t join in from side.

    Y - Yes. Once F.A.T.E. starts you can join in anytime and you also wouldn’t need to form a party. You can freely go in and deal some damage or heal to gain points and from there you will be rewarded. So, you can join in towards the end or from the beginning. We wanted to show how easy it was.

    4 - There is also a scene where people are fighting Ifrit on open field. I was pretty surprised by this one......

    Y - This is also F.A.T.E. Players join in from middle and they get defeated one by one (laugh). When asking if Ifrit’s just going to be roaming around outside from the beginning, that’s not the case. We have it out right now as a promotion.

    4 - I see. Yeah it’s scary if you’re running around the field and suddenly running into Ifrit.

    Y - However, for Ifrit has some key roles in the main story of FFXIV ARR. Once that’s finished and after some time, we’re talking it’s alright to have it out regularly as F.A.T.E.

    4 - Ah, gotta be careful I don’t jump into it while auto-running (laugh).

    Y - Like this we have been really particular with this trailer. Also where the players gather up with chocobo, that’s imaging the Free Company, basically a guild.
    In there those with job AF gear are always in the same party, and if you look at the Ifrit scene you can see it but while the outside people are dying those 8 are fighting till the end, like where the Paladin is using the limit break to defend...... If you look closely there is a story behind it.

    4 - Looking at it after hearing that would give a different impression from the first. Also, in the scene at the forest battle you see a running cactaur, and in the back you see a huge tortoise.

    Y - Yes (laugh).

    4 - Are we going to fight that......? I’m looking forward to it, but it’s scary (laugh).

    Y - Would be interesting. As I mentioned before, in beta phase 1 there are lots of F.A.T.E. implemented. There are times where you fight NM (Notorious Monster), but when I first played it I told the dev team “This is too small......” I told them the players won’t join in if they can’t see from far and say “What’s that!?”.

    4 - You’re right, if the monster is small, you may just pass by them without noticing. If someone is fighting it’s even harder to notice.

    Y - Yes, just having it up doesn’t do anything. However if saying that huge adaman is going to suddenly pop up in the field, that’s wrong as well. Once you start reaching higher levels, I believe it’s OK to have monsters that huge. Being huge give that type of feeling (laugh).

    4 - Movie is one thing but it’s overpowering.

    Y - yes. And that’s because we have a model quality that can sustain that.

    4 - With that size, I don’t think it’s going to fit the full screen (laugh).
    Alright, I would like to ask you about the F.A.T.E. system. In the benchmark trailer you see battles going on everywhere. Is there a possibility where several F.A.T.E. instances occur simultaneously?

    Y - Yes. We don’t have any limit on each zone, so at the right timing, within one zone you could have 7-8 F.A.T.E. going on. The content varies small or large, but for one zone there is about 10, for zones with many, there are about 12-13.

    4 - Was thinking it was going to be something that happens here and there. What types are there?

    Y - There are the basic ones where when lots of monsters pop up to defeat them, or helping Wood Wailers group take down bandit’s fort, there are many variations.
    For the bandit’s fort, it’s where you take over the fort, once you can successfully defeat the boss you will have a NPC from Wood Wailer pop in place.

    4 - So it’s difference between monsters or bandits.

    Y - For bandit’s fort F.A.T.E. ends once you take it down, but after some time, the bandits will try to take back their fort, so there is a F.A.T.E. system to defend.

    4 - I see, so it doesn’t mean after some time the bandit’s are just going to repop again.

    Y - Yes. Like this there are F.A.T.E. where you play with just 1-2 people, or like this fort F.A.T.E. where you need about 8 people. Also for the fort one, the NPC’s will support so you can win with small group making good use of the NPC’s. But if you try to dive in carelessly or cure too much and gain too much hate you may die (laugh).

    4 - That’s going to happen (laugh).

    Y - For those that played in alpha test would know this but basically in FFXIV ARR for the mobs at same level, you can win with about ⅔ of HP remaining. That’s how it’s balanced. For F.A.T.E. we have it built where you don’t need parties or cure so if you rest after defeating each bandit without diving in you should be alright.

    4 - For F.A.T.E. how often do they occur?

    Y - That will depend on the type of F.A.T.E. Also, if there aren’t much people in that zone, you won’t see much. If you failed the last F.A.T.E. it checks if the participants failed or if it turned out as failure due to no one participating, if it was left out then it will take longer for that F.A.T.E. to occur again. If someone was participating and failed then the time required for that F.A.T.E. to happen again will be short.

    4 - So you would be able to challenge again pretty quickly then.

    Y - Yes. It’s made so you can try and gather more people and retry, it will happen pretty quickly. If you failed you probably would want to try again. We wanted to check that in beta phase 1.

    4 - That’s nice that it’s easy to retry. You talked about the once you take over the fort, enemy trying to take back but say if you fail on a F.A.T.E. is there a different scenario prepared for that?

    Y - For that one say if you weren’t able to defend the fort, next it will go back to taking over enemies fort. But if you win the defense, the next F.A.T.E. would be 2nd time to defend.

    4 - I see. So just because you win the defense once, it doesn’t mean it will stay that way.

    Y - There are other ones like the Miqo’te Poachers and Goblins fighting over sale of those illegal items. There are F.A.T.E. system where you have to take on both. Within the closed beta, we were planning to put in about 50 F.A.T.E but there are some that hasn’t been modified yet so those were taken out. However, there are lots of F.A.T.E. to enjoy.

    4 - By having that much types, I’m wondering if there are achievements for them......

    Y - There is. However, if we separate them by the types of F.A.T.E. it puts an image to the players where they need to do it, so we are thinking to making it simple and say participate 50 times in a F.A.T.E.

    4 - If it’s amount, then it doesn’t force you to participage.

    Y - It’s not something you camp in the spot to participate. F.A.T.E. is something that suddenly happens when you were just hunting around, making you feel “Huh, something happened!?” Or when players passing by they can say “What you guys doing” and might participate. I think you’ll see them in different types of situation. There are many invoicing NPC’s so please try it out. There are F.A.T.E. where some NPC is going wild at the bar.

    4 - It happens at camps as well?

    Y - Yes, it does. It doesn’t happen often, but when that F.A.T.E. starts NPC comes out and when you talk to that NPC it tells you “There is a guy inside the bar going wild...... that him!” and that’s where it starts. Then, the players start punching each other and.... well look forward to it.

    4 - fist fight...... it’s in town, so it doesn’t get into sword fights.

    Y - If the player goes bare fist (laugh). You can also jump the guy in group......, for that one please try it out yourself.

    4 - OK I understand that there are small/large scale F.A.T.E. happening everyone. There is some type of announcement when F.A.T.E. occurs right?

    Y - Yes, there will be an announcement saying “Full Active Time Event started nearby”.

    4 - The announcement is wide spread?

    Y - Yes it is. Since the announcement is made in large area you should be able to find it right away. Also F.A.T.E. system circle will show up on the map. Once you enter the circle you automatically join the F.A.T.E. and will display F.A.T.E. JOIN. If you have the map open while the F.A.T.E occurs it will reflect on the map instantly, and by moving your cursor over to the cicle you can see the title of that F.A.T.E.

    4 - I see, so you automatically join. OK, so what’s going to happen if you leave the circle?

    Y - You will leave that F.A.T.E., however the damage you dealt and stuff will remain. For example there is F.A.T.E. which finishes after dealing 100 damage and you dealt 30 damage and had to leave for an emergency. At the point that F.A.T.E. is finished you would get the reward for that amount you put in. However if you leave the zone you will lose that privilege, also if the F.A.T.E. itself becomes a failure you won’t get any reward.

    4 - That’s good, don’t have to worry about suddenly leaving the circle and feeling bummed out (laugh). What’s going to happen for this type of F.A.T.E. or those contents that having level restrictions and level sync(*) system?

    *Feature where the players status with higher level than of the content is brought down to meet the level requirement for that content temporarily.

    Y - Level sync will be introduced at open beta, but like FFXI it will sync the gear parameters as well. So when you participate you don’t have to worry about switching gear. However this is also like FFXI but for example when you sync to lv35 with lv50 gear, the stats will be lower than those gear exactly at 35.

    4 - So you’re saying if you really want to go at it, you should switch gear?

    Y - Yes, but since it’s level 35 content the balancing isn’t really concentrating on the gear stats so I believe you don’t have to worry too much about it.

    4 - So for those aiming to get level 50 this is a point they have to go through, therefore they don’t have to worry much.

    Y - Yes. When you level sync it will ask “It will level sync but is it ok?” but it’s troublesome going through this every time, so through configurations you can automatically accept the level sync.
    So if you have this turned on, once you enter the content it level syncs and once it’s done it goes back. It’s made so you can easily enjoy.

    4 - If there isn’t much to worry about it’s better to just leave it auto then. Oh yeah for F.A.T.E. would you still make it say you noticed F.A.T.E. started and called your LS friends to head out.

    Y - Once it starts and no one participates it remains there for about 15 minutes. However for specific large F.A.T.E. it takes several hours to finish so it should be possible to call your LS members out.

    4 - I see. Aside from the large ones, it’s more where you meet new adventurers then. This gives a strong feeling of the world actually moving.

    Y - That’s exactly it. We may not have it ready be Beta phase 1 but there are stuff like group of Opo-opo’s coming to steal beans, or where you have stop Imp’s from running away from Warren prison, there is something going on somewhere. So you might get surprised when it happens when you just arrived to do some quests (laugh). I hope from there it can lead to players talking to each other saying “You saw that?”.

    4 - So you really get involved in the problems going on in Eorzea.

    Y - Finally, I would like to talk about the PS3 version. We are planning to release PC version and PS3 version at same time. And of course, you would be able to connect to the same server to play. Even for the account, you can use the account from your PC version on the PS3 but you will need to buy the code, and bind the PC version account to the PSN account.

    4 - Under the roadmap, it shows the beta test for PS3 version is planned from phase 3.

    Y - Yes. For those who have been selected for PS3 version can participate from phase 3.

    4 - For the PS3 version test client, is it going to be download?

    Y - Yes. We asked SCE to help to be able to download the downloader app through PlayStation Network, from that software you will connect to SE’s server and download the client.

    4 - I see, so it’s not going to be distributed in disk format.

    Y - Also when talking about the PS3 version this is the world's first MMO specific game pad UI. I believe it turned out pretty well. Of course you can use this on the PC as gamepad mode, but this was developed for the PS3 version players so please look forward to it.

    4 - When looking at the video the names for that control pop up when you hold down the L2/R2. I thought that was really easy to understand. When the screenshot was first released, I was thinking you’d have to remember all the icons.

    Y - Yes, that was the first impression (laugh). So, this time we made it a demo video. As you have seen, we were able to bring out an interface that doesn’t feel like an MMO.

    4 - Did it take some work to come up with this design?

    Y - This design itself was already decided from beginning. I think I talked with Minagawa(*) around April, 2011. At that time we had the update plans for the previous FFXIV and that’s when the ideas for ARR server structure and graphics came up and we were talking about the gamepad mode. And this came up around mid September (2011).

    * Minagawa Hiroshi : Lead UI artist for FFXIV ARR, Lead Web content artist.

    4 - So it was decided at really early stage.

    Y - Yes, and what I ordered Minagawa was to cut out the step to choose the action. When you’re on mouse/keyboard control, once you put the action in the shortcut bar you just target and click it and it will execute. Even with mouse you just click once. But with previous FFXIV controls you had to target, then choose action which required 1 extra step. When you compare this to the mouse/keyboard interface it changes the speed of input.

    4 - For previous FFXIV when playing with gamepad, you had to select the icon from the hot bar. If the situation was hard it made it that much harder.

    Y - I asked to make sure that you didn’t need to go through the action selecting. Then only option was to make it where you hold shift key, and that’s what I ordered, and what came out of that was that UI.

    4 - I see.

    Y - Until we actually made it and try it out, both Minagawa and I was worried, but while we were putting them together it was popular with the battle team so we thought this was going to work. Minagawa is playing with gamepad mode only (laugh).
    For myself I have to check both, so I’m using both, but I started to believe it might be better to play with gamepad.

    4 - Didn’t think we would hear that from you. But, from looking at the video it looks like you can play directly.

    Y - For example, once you lock on a target and while using the R2’s 4 slot and use keyboard at same time. If you use both gamepad and keyboard you might surpass others, that’s my honest feeling.

    4 - Gamepad in one hand while controlling keyboard...... that’s new (laugh).

    Y - That’s just an example (laugh). Right now even with just one side you have 8 pallets so for example in pallet 1 you put an action to call pallet 2, in pallet 2 call pallet 3...... so that button is to switch, and use the remaining 3 slots x8 pallets to use 24 actions.

    4 - That’s more than enough.

    Y - And on the other side, put in buffs, or greetings, put in stuff you don’t need to use after using once and stuff. You can separate that way.

    4 - For stuff you don’t need to use immediately, you can return hand back to the arrow keys. Also you can put consumable items in the slots.

    Y - Basically, everything you can put in the action pallet with mouse/keyboard mode can be done with the gamepads cross hotbar.

    4 - When I was looking at the video, when you change the target to party member, there was no anchor on the party member list. Thought this is going to confuse the healer.

    Y - For this one it’s not address yet. We will make it easier to see so please don’t worry. Even right now, for example you can make a healing specific pallet, then setup macro to cure party player 1 or player 2 you can cure just by looking at the HP bar and not targeting.

    4 - In the movie there was a character wearing dark steal but it was a coloring not used in previous FFXIV.

    Y - Yes, from beta phase 3 you can dye, that’s one of them. Right now we’re addressing this for every asset to have color editing.

    4 - Baby Chocobo was following behind the character. We have seen this in artworks but in this movie there was no explanation of what it’s purpose was, so I was like huh?

    Y - Ah (laugh). That’s a character called minion and it’s just for play, or content, it just follows the player.

    4 - Ah, I see so that’s just it. I also saw Bomb as well.

    Y - Yes, there are many, so please choose the one you like and walk this out. That’s how that is.

    4 - So they don’t grow or anything.

    Y - No. So, in the forums I also mentioned that it’s not something to expect too much (sarcastic laugh). However, we can make lots of them so, there are those sold in shops, ones you get from rewards from contents and quests.

    4 - I was thinking they were going to participate in battles.

    Y - That’s the “Buddy” system I have mentioned from before, we are making that separately (laugh).

    4 - I see. By the way, you can transfer over the Chocobo you used in the previous FFXIV in ARR right?

    Y - Yes. They will be the buddies. It doesn’t mean there is a specific Chocobo for buddy system. I also believe the players also are attached to their Chocobo’s as well.

    4 - So the name will also be transferred over?

    Y - yes. They will be transferred over and the name will also be displayed.

    4 - This time around we have seen the walk through movie of the three nations, hands on for Ul’dah and Limsa Lominsa but I thought the use of lighting was very well done.

    Y - Yes, we have been very specific about the how the lighting is expressed. Like how it’s hazy when it’s further away, specially how the lighting was used in Ul’dah where the air is dry and sunlight hits strong, we made it so the lighting on the roof blows out. As for Limsa Lominsa I asked them to make the sea like something you would want to dive into. It feels nice doesn’t it (laugh).

    4 - You can’t actually dive in?

    Y - Not yet (laugh).

    4 - Oh “yet’ huh. I’ll look forward to the day we can dive in (laugh).

    Y - We did put in fall damage though.

    4 - I think it was listed in the Beta phase 1. Will the damage value change depending on the height?

    Y - Yes. If the damage is high enough to kill, we will round it up to 1 HP. However, if you have a monster in the hate list you will die.
    For this one we took away the map collision that was in the alpha test (invisible walls), so there are much more places you can go. So for example, we were able to put an achievement on top of a wooden box and have the players discover them, those kind of plays are now possible. Some might complain saying “Don’t make this a action game!” (laugh).

    4 - To be able to go to different places seems fun. In return, it will probably be harder for support when getting stuck. For Limsa Lominsa there are some high places.

    Y - We have blocked the parts that needs to be blocked. Don’t want to make new players die because of falling (laugh).

    4 - Like EverQuests Wood Elf village? (laugh).

    Y - When I first started EQ I started from WoodElf, I was wondering why there were so many dead bodies in town, then 5 minutes later I was one of them (laugh). Was thinking I would stop at the fence, then it automatically jumped over and fell down to own death.

    4 - And on top of that you drown (laugh). How is the convenience of traveling in Ul’dah and Limsa Lominsa? In Alpha we had in-town transporters for Gridania.

    Y - We have everything in place. We will have in-town transportation in them as well so it should be same for all three nations. For the first time the distance might differ but if we make that same the town will all look the same. As for the market, all three nations are connected so it won’t matter in which nation you sell your items.

    4 - So that means we don’t have to stick to Ul’dah that had the most population.
    I thought you guys did something crazy by officially doing side by side comparison of same location using PC version and PS3 version. I do believe the players were wondering about this.

    Y - I would be (laugh). Even if we shown it separately, others would've probably edited and shown side by side comparison video anyways, so in that case we just said let’s do it officially.

    4 - I see. From this video how much of the PS3 version is complete?

    Y - If talking about optimization, this is about 75%. We determined the quality, so what’s remaining is to optimize the frame rate. It’s to a point where it's just taking away few milliseconds or microseconds away. We’re basically challenging the PS3’s limit. We also have technologists from SCE helping us on this one, we want to show that the PS3 can still perform this much.

    4 - So currently it’s at the climax.

    Y - Yes. If you look at the video you can see it but the LOD management is done in fine details. From what I can see there isn’t much difference between the PC version. Of course, the small detail quality is lower.

    4 - When you put the PS3 versions display in PC versions terms, what kind of specs is it?

    Y - For the PC version we have the standard, High, Higher quality presets but for the PS3 version it’s in between standard and high. However for the PC version’s preset for standard the shadows are all turned off, but on the PS3 all the shadows are applied so the quality won’t drop that much.

    4 - So you’re making specific adjustments for the PS3 version then.

    Y - As for the amount of characters being displayed, due to the memory problem it can’t beat the PC. If you ask what’s the major difference between the two, this must be it. However, in FFXIV ARR we are creating the contents with the amount of players set. For alliance used in Crystal Tower is set to 24 players so if we can keep that then it’s fine. That’s how we see it.

    4 - PC version doesn’t have any maximum limit, how about the consumer version? (There is a rumor about the next console) so I wanted to ask at this timing, would it support the future console?

    * On 2/21/2013 PS4 was announced/

    Y - Hmm, currently for the next console we don’t have the official comment so. First we want to release the PS3 version as we promised for all those players that have been waiting, and have them be satisfied. That is our priority. For that reason we are trying make changes even for that few microseconds. If I tell the development team console other than the PS3 they will tell me “Stop joking” (laugh).

    4 - That’s true (laugh).

    Y - If the next generation console was announced, it will surely have higher specs than the PS3 so it’s possible to move the FFXIV ARR client without any problem. If there was a talk about allowing the server to have cross platform, since it’s the same PlayStation group, I doubt they are going to say we can’t group them together.

    4 - That’s true. Since it’s a MMORPG no matter what platform it’s on it should be able to connect from same server with same account, I think that would be best for the players to be able to choose.

    Y - We are betting our company’s luck on this project so I would like as much players, with different hardware to play.
    For that reason, first we are going to make it for the PC and the PS3. Later in order for others players to play, we are planning to do different things.

    4 - So the major goal for FFXIV is to make sure it’s successful.

    Y - Yes. Right now if you have the PC/PS3 version it should be good. But just think later on in the future it’s possible for something else. Once that timing is here we would like to let you know.

    4 - OK. Can you give your final comment for the players waiting for the closed beta test.

    Y - I have really made you all wait a long time. The closed beta test for the final products launch will start. It’s weird that for all the players to be able to participate in an FF number title, this is a rare case. For all the players that have been following us until now, we will make sure you can participate from the beginning, so hope you all play a lot. You don’t have to try and force yourself to leave a feedback. Just enjoy and have fun playing. We will dash from here so I would like for many other players to participate. Thank you.

    4 - Thank you for today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffmage View Post
    Reinheart are you still doing "live" translations during Live Letters? sorry been away from the forums a while
    Yes, I will try again tonight, don't expect too much on the translations as usual though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reinheart View Post
    Yes, I will try again tonight, don't expect too much on the translations as usual though...
    Where are you going to be posting them? A google doc? Or in this thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katatonic View Post
    Where are you going to be posting them? A google doc? Or in this thread?
    On google doc, ill post link later on

    Everyone should be able to comment so use it as a chat room for now.
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    Thank you so much for your hard work Reinheart! I think I speak for the entire English community in saying we really appreciate what you do for us!

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    my subligar(s) is ready, time for a power nap.

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    That...that was beautiful. Thank you for all your hard work, Reinheart.

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    Thank you so much for all your hard work Reinheart

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    Yes, thanks, Rein.

    That 4Gamer interview really got me excited for F.A.T.E. Sounds pretty awesome.

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    thanks you a lot !
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