Hello again, to all of you FFXIVers out there! Yoshi-P here, bringing you my fifty-fourth Letter from the Producer.

First I'd like to thank everyone who attended the FATE event in Osaka last week, as well as those of you who followed the event on the internet. It's always a pleasure to see our fans, and your enthusiasm has motivated us that much more as we push forward with our plans for the year.

Speaking of plans, we've begun releasing promotional information for the upcoming PlayStation®4 version, and I'll soon embark on a world media tour to help spread the word.
With a two-day event in Hamburg, Germany, followed in quick succession by one in Paris, France, then closing things out with a final event in San Francisco, USA over the weekend, my schedule is looking pretty packed. You might think I’ve gotten over my distaste for flying...but you’d be wrong.

We're very proud of what we've accomplished on the PlayStation®4, and as we set out on this world tour, we're looking forward to sharing with players around the globe all the cool features offered by this new version of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.

Beta testing is set to begin alongside the Japanese release of the PlayStation®4 on February 22, with the game's official release date scheduled for April 14, 2014—a fitting date for the fourteenth title of the FINAL FANTASY series. Anyone who owns a PlayStation®4 is eligible to participate, and we highly encourage all of you to try it out and share your feedback with us.

Seeing as this is the first letter of the year, normally I would finish with news of our yearly hatsumōde trip, but with the PlayStation®4 release and patch 2.2 drawing closer by the minute, the truth is we just haven't had the time. But never fear! We're determined to make time for our yearly visit to Asakusa by the end of the month, and you'll be sure to hear all about it in my next letter (perhaps along with a new year's greeting from an old friend).

The year's only just begun, but we're sure with your support we can put the XIV in 2014!
See you next time, on the forums, or in Eorzea!