We would like to congratulate the following winners of the Heavensturn Screenshot Contest! We will be coordinating with the Delivery Moogles to have your Ahriman Choker sent to your inbox and we’ll be sure to let you know once they have been sent out.

There were so many spectacular entries and we had a great time going through them, but it was really tough deciding. On behalf of the FFXIV team we would like to thank everyone who contributed.

You can check out the winning entries at the Official FFXIV Facebook Page here or you can click on the winner's names below to see them individually. Drop by, check them out, and be sure to give us a like to receive the latest FFXIV news!
1. Baschfon Ronsenburg (Original Post)
2. Riley Famran (Original Post)
3. Sabrielle Saren (Original Post)
4. Albinox Battlewarde (Original Post)
5. Gitarre Jolokia (Original Post)
6. Mateus Taranis (Original Post)
7. Mithoes Ahnuin (Original Post)
8. Soviet Union (Original Post)
9. Bara Monokuro (Original Post)
10. Faelinn Shmid (Original Post)

11. M'hana Zhralyia (Original Post)
12. Melisandre R'hllor (Original Post)
13. Kassandra Dawn (Original Post)
14. Kat Sidhe (Original Post)
15. Murrissey Uzwa (Original Post)
16. Picnic Basket (Original Post)
17. Toruna Runa (Original Post)
18. Meirii Ruhesini (Original Post)
19. Wazoo Smalls (Original Post)
20. Homuhomu Akemi (Original Post)

21. Nox Nyctores (Original Post)
22. Darius Stormcrow (Original Post)
23. Ansetsu Hatake (Original Post)
24. Korvax Aquinas (Original Post)
25. Davina Maxwell (Original Post)
26. Blood Spark (Original Post)
27. Loki Odinson (Original Post)
28. Barbarccia Valadis (Original Post)
29. Malbern Casriano (Original Post)
30. Beetle Juice (Original Post)

31. Glacial Eye (Original Post)
32. Fayt Kenbu (Original Post)
33. M'izani Moora (Original Post)
34. Vincent Freelander (Original Post)
35. Tannlore Belegeria (Original Post)
36. Siven Atreides (Original Post)
37. Lockness Monster (Original Post)
38. Dokuga Mishima (Original Post)
39. Joanna Lina (Original Post)
40. Shema Raseir (Original Post)

41. Acid Thao (Original Post)
42. Ferah Isis (Original Post)
43. Ionait Ocian (Original Post)
44. Popo Taru (Original Post)
45. Apollo Omphalos (Original Post)
46. King Canadane (Original Post)
47. Elly Ozmus (Original Post)
48. Berkbhar Grinanwilf (Original Post)
49. Ramen Denkeim (Original Post)
50. Aleczan Knighthill (Original Post)

51. Deli Denkryst (Original Post)
52. Charirii Chari (Original Post)
53. Akribitz Hyori (Original Post)
54. Endless Waltz (Original Post)
55. Nebulium Clarke (Original Post)
56. Jethro Toombs (Original Post)
57. Ninsiana Monet (Original Post)
58. Thaze Okage (Original Post)
59. Aumeric Chassebel (Original Post)
60. Megaius Chaosti (Original Post)

61. Eirenne Eidinzwyn (Original Post)
62. Taylor Swift (Original Post)
63. Kahlan Amnell (Original Post)
64. Anda Blackfyre (Original Post)
65. Sevenna Sigil (Original Post)
66. Lord Stoudbaker (Original Post)
67. Ice Fenris (Original Post)
68. Espirit Libre (Original Post)
69. Llama Master (Original Post)
70. Pantsu Pantsu (Original Post)

71. Ahriwoman Aegis (Original Post)
72. Gristle Mc'thornbody (Original Post)
73. Relucent Pool (Original Post)
74. Oceans Kyubi (Original Post)
75. Kaolla Su (Original Post)
76. Kitiara Matar (Original Post)
77. Kalena Mahiai (Original Post)
78. Charmin Yummyberry (Original Post)
79. Amber Dawn (Original Post)
80. Fawkes Macleod (Original Post)

81. Haxaan Shivar (Original Post)
82. Valeran Becquerel (Original Post)
83. Yunie Aura (Original Post)
84. Titania Basilikos (Original Post)
85. Jennawii Jillian (Original Post)
86. Kazaenne Shiroux (Original Post)
87. Aulena Evermore (Original Post)
88. Etone Greennote (Original Post)
89. Jenova Nesreca (Original Post)
90. Dehal Valdir (Original Post)

91. Isobel Ahloh'bee (Original Post)
92. Goufunaki Rammstein (Original Post)
93. Eclipse Haven (Original Post)
94. Prok Tah (Original Post)
95. Revo Rafalen (Original Post)
96. Syggfryd Eyriwilfsyn (Original Post)
97. Kaelie Niie (Original Post)
98. Ren Eldersun (Original Post)
99. Autumn Eldermoon (Original Post)
100. Tatsu Maru (Original Post)