We would like to congratulate the following winners of the Starlight Celebration Screenshot Contest! We will be coordinating with the Delivery Moogles to have your Ahriman Choker sent to your inbox and we’ll be sure to let you know once they have been sent out.

There were so many spectacular entries and we had a great time going through them, but it was really tough deciding. On behalf of the FFXIV team we would like to thank everyone who contributed.

You can check out the winning entries at the Official FFXIV Facebook Page here or you can click on the winner's names below to see them individually. Drop by, check them out, and be sure to give us a like to receive the latest FFXIV news!

1. Katja Baladeva (Original Post)
2. Rinkara Amiara (Original Post)
3. Nekt'm Kaos (Original Post)
4. Sherufanir Raglan (Original Post)
5. Mini Ninja (Original Post)
6. Chia Pet (Original Post)
7. Rumi Puffs (Original Post)
8. Weffrey Pencroff (Original Post)
9. Mattoid Shappo (Original Post)
10. Luggie Carbuncle (Original Post)

11. Neptune Core (Original Post)
12. Grimm Grandiron (Original Post)
13. Taleyah Apedemak (Original Post)
14. Kalimac Starflame (Original Post)
15. Sili Som (Original Post)
16. Jacien Visenad (Original Post)
17. Pantsu Pantsu (Original Post)
18. Tinsley Tr'uhart (Original Post)
19. Mhia Kurniadi (Original Post)
20. Zelina Asther (Original Post)

21. Sweet Deandra (Original Post)
22. Raging Inferno (Original Post)
23. Mayuyu Itadaki (Original Post)
24. Mika Fuzzypaws (Original Post)
25. Professor Ozpin (Original Post)
26. Melisandre R'hllor (Original Post)
27. Kye Kytes (Original Post)
28. Davi Wavi (Original Post)
29. Sephiro Fiore (Original Post)
30. Meeko Ko (Original Post)

31. Fallen Eden (Original Post)
32. Jin Katzama (Original Post)
33. Nexus Archmagus (Original Post)
34. Nergal Rahl (Original Post)
35. Mairah Ariana (Original Post)
36. Deli Denkryst (Original Post)
37. Allison Cole (Original Post)
38. Lucia Crystalline (Original Post)
39. Staz Brantz (Original Post)
40. Hamasaki Ayumi (Original Post)

41. Nyx Bajhiri (Original Post)
42. Icy Inferno (Original Post)
43. Lokira Alambertel (Original Post)
44. Naoshi Haruki (Original Post)
45. Misaki Haruhana (Original Post)
46. Harlequin Hawk (Original Post)
47. Nop San (Original Post)
48. Illyria Shaw (Original Post)
49. Kaolla Su (Original Post)
50. Onix Sunblade (Original Post)

51. Jaerith Asura (Original Post)
52. Tule Lycoris (Original Post)
53. Flik Vannes (Original Post)
54. Innes Ithildin (Original Post)
55. Alison Nova (Original Post)
56. Willow Si'aro (Original Post)
57. Lieutenant Dawson (Original Post)
58. Alphi Windspring (Original Post)
59. Mia Blazingsoul (Original Post)
60. Kannagi Rin (Original Post)

61. Archer Brofist (Original Post)
62. Calico Rosenfield (Original Post)
63. Ramen Denkeim (Original Post)
64. Figgs Grimmal (Original Post)
65. R'aihir Windchaser (Original Post)
66. Kei'ra Amana (Original Post)
67. Yugure Ame (Original Post)
68. Yunie Aura (Original Post)
69. Lsael Elswer (Original Post)
70. Loveless One (Original Post)

71. Ren Eldersun (Original Post)
72. Autumn Eldermoon (Original Post)
73. Sophia Paratus (Original Post)
74. Van Ity (Original Post)
75. Darcy Layne (Original Post)
76. Kos Mos (Original Post)
77. Boofa Bill (Original Post)
78. Gamba Bohmba (Original Post)
79. Dextera Domini (Original Post)
80. Lenethy Tyr (Original Post)

81. Sora Asuna (Original Post)
82. Naughty Wife (Original Post)
83. Kyrie Aldebaran (Original Post)
84. Arjun Locke (Original Post)
85. Holly Hawk (Original Post)
86. Aegis Lyon (Original Post)
87. Meatmountain Brodhamr (Original Post)
88. Valentino Amore (Original Post)
89. Vivino Mimino (Original Post)
90. Malbern Casriano (Original Post)

91. Aldy Allure (Original Post)
92. Deina Periyaha (Original Post)
93. Dumisa Claiborne (Original Post)
94. Holden Caulfield (Original Post)
95. Vela Green (Original Post)
96. H'lcyon Maro (Original Post)
97. Liru Liliru (Original Post)
98. Titania Basilikos (Original Post)
99. Bartholomew Drizzle (Original Post)
100. N'yuuki Nekohmi (Original Post)