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    Unable to (continue to) Craft / Gather if inventory reaches 100 items with incomplete

    Unable to (continue to) Craft / Gather if inventory reaches 100 items with incomplete stock(s) of stockable items. Continuing the issue - it's not possible to craft item(s) even if the actuall craft will create the empty inventory slot(s) by using the crating materials. In related issue - if the mob drops stock of items (2 - 9) which is larger that remaining "space" on the stock of that item in your (full) inventory it will refuse the whole drop rather than filling up the stock and discarding the "overflow".

    Overall -there is significant flaw in how the inventory is being handled / it's "full" status being evaluated once all the 100 slots are being used in relation to stackable items plus it doesn't take in consideration slots being freed up by used materials while crafting.


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    Steps - first part of the issue:
    1. Fill up the inventory to 99 full slots leaving one empty slots
    2. Start gathering or crafting any stockable item apart of shards / crystals / clusters (ore, ingots, lumber etc)
    3. Once the last available slot in inventory fills up with the first gathered / crafted stockable item(s) you're unable to proceed with further gathering / crafting even though the stock is not full.

    The same situation happens when you already have full inventory and variuos stockable items at not full stocks - it's impossible to gather / craft any of those. You can however still collect drops from mob (like skins, meat, wings, fangs etc) until stock is full. The issuse is that game will not allow you to proceed with crafting or gathering of any item(s) if there is no at least one available slot in the inventory and will not check for incomplete stocks of such item.

    This is very inconvenient if you go out to gather multiply items (or multiply stocks of the same item) with almost full inventory. As an example - you'll get out to gather from nodes with 4 available items and you have only last 8 slosts free in your inventory before you start gathering and none of the items is at partial stock in the inventory. You decide to gather items in a "circle" - one item from each node so they'll fill up evently. What could happen here that as soon as you hit the fourth node you might be unable to continue to gather (despite starting with EIGHT free slots and gathering only FOUR items) as you might hit both NQ as well as HQ items on each node ending hence with 8 slots with 1 to 4 items stocked each unable to gather anymore despite having still about 775 "free" stockable inventory space available. If you gather at multiply nodes or with multiply classes you'll easilly end up wasting 60 - 90% of the stackable inventory space forcing you eather to drop some items to be able to continue gathering / crafting or to have early / multiply travels to your retairnes / FC chest to offload the full inventory.

    Steps - second part of the issue:
    1. Fill up the inventory to 100 full slots, have one inventory with 3 ore needed for the ingot, do not have the same ingot in another incompete stack
    2. Try to craft the ingot using those 3 ores - you can't and will receive message "Insufficient inventory space"

    You should be able to craft the item as the material(s) needed for crafting will be used and free slot created by that however the game is unable to evaluate that. This is mainly the issue with non-stackable items like weapons or gear items where for example you have all the materials / parts in your (full) inventory (in exactly needed amounts) but are still unable to craft the item despite the fact that the actual craft process will create 4 or 5 free slots once completed.

    Steps - third part of the issue:
    1. Fill up your inventory to 100 full slots, have one slot of incomplete stack of items being dropped by mob - lets say bat wings at stock of 91
    2. Kill the bat which drops 9 bat wings
    3. You'll receive message "Unable to obtain 9 bat wings" (or something in that line) and your stock remain at 91 while all 9 droped bat wings are wasted

    The expected behaviou would be to put 8 bat wings in the inventory to top up the stock to 99 and discard only the "overflowing" last 1 bat wing. It's pretty annoying when you're collectiing specific mob drops and receiving constantly higher amount of drops unable to top up your inventory stocks to full 99 especially now since patch 2.1 when the drop rates / amounts were so increased.
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    Greetings HEC,

    We thank you for posting your concerns regarding inventory reaches 100 items with incomplete. I have made sure to submit all of your information to the development team and they will thoroughly investigate this matter based on your report. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that a direct response will be posted on this thread, but I do recommend checking Here or Here for any details regarding the development team's investigation.

    Thanks for your report!

    - Furlamseere