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    Gear sets don't save / reload the exact gear items assigned to them but instead the..

    Gear sets don't save / reload the exact gear items assigned to them but instead the last item used of the same type.


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    1. Save one gear set with specific gear items - lets say gear set 1.
    2. Change some gear items for another ones of exactly the same type but with different materia setup, level of spirit bonding or damage/repair level and save it to another gear set - lets say gear set 2.
    3. Now - load the gear set 1.
    4. You will notice that every single gear item you've changed into set 2 is loaded now instead of those originally saved in the gear set 1 (as they were the ones "last used").

    This is a major flaw in the gear set saving / loading routine and causes many troubles and headaches for numerous players in various situations like:

    - having two "same" gear sets with different materia setup
    - having two "same" gear sets with differnet level of bonding
    - having two "same" gear sets with different level of wear / damage

    I frequently switch between a full crafter's set with gear items fully melded and "low level" crafter's gear set containing some of the same items without materias and need always after changing the set go to the character screen and change 4 or 5 gear items manually afterwards hence rendering the whole gear set system pretty much useless. The same situation happens when changing between two DoM / DoW classes with (partially) same accessory items with different materia setup or when trying to quickly swap in dungeon from the main battle gear set which just got heavilly damaged to a "backup" one with fully repaired items but it will instead re-load the "last used" damaged items forcing me to go again to the character screen and picking the gear items one by one wasting the valuable time.
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    Greetings HEC,

    We thank you for posting your concerns regarding Gear sets. I have made sure to submit all of your information to the development team and they will thoroughly investigate this matter based on your report. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that a direct response will be posted on this thread, but I do recommend checking Here or Here for any details regarding the development team's investigation.

    Thanks for your report!

    - Furlamseere