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    Server Event: Treasure Hunt II Dec 1ST/13 - Wrap Up/Winners/Thanks

    Well, I think we had another Successful Event.

    A Special thank you goes out to GoWar, They contributed 2 of the top 5 prizes. They showed up in force and Streamed the whole event.

    I would also like to thank Ryjil Akara for a contribution to the prize pot of 200k gil.

    A Special thanks to my fellow Braver<LB1> for helping us put this together

    And lastly I would like to thank everyone who showed up! I think we ended up with more people this time around. I Hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

    1) Darwen Ixthania - 1 X Astral Ring
    2) Jasalth Moshantu - 1 X Vanya gloves of Casting
    3) Bizkitz Hellstorm - 1 X Vanya gloves of Healing
    4) Andros Ironsworn - 1 X Vanya Hat of Casting
    5) Yoko Majotsukai - 200k Gil

    * Mathore Parish actually came in 4th, but decided to bow out of the competition and passed his prize off to others. Bravo!

    This Week's Clues!

    1) Where lost Hero's were found to fall, deep beneath the burning wall.

    2) In the desert a Zombie hides, with no one near to hear his cries.

    3) Where you and 23 will stand with power, and begin your challenge within the tower.

    4) A Hermits Hovel found in need, but watch your step and take my heed.

    5) Near the helm on Braveheart found, where players fight on sacred ground.

    6) As if the snow was set ablaze, look deep inside the fury's gaze.

    7) Off the shores, a Siren sings, to end them all, a sailors dreams.

    8) From whence you came is where you seek, within the aft the end will be.
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    here are some screen shots of the event that I took.

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