* These revisions, planned for patch 1.19, are still in development, and therefore subject to change.
  • Patch 1.19 will see the abolition of physical levels.
    Along with this change, the following adjustments will be made:
    • Abolition of Attribute and Element Points
      Attribute and element points will be abolished, and character development will be automated based on class level. A system whereby players can voluntarily allocate attribute points to each class will be implemented in patch 1.20 or later, along with class balance adjustments.
    • Introduction of Automated Character Development
      Automated character development will be implemented in patch 1.19, and will entail the following changes:
      • The growth curve will be revised, with each gain in level to be accompanied by greater increases in attributes.
      • Attributes will be made to have greater impact.
      • The impact of attributes will decrease as players gain in level; however, the benefits granted by gear will be increased.
      • Player accuracy will be increased slightly.
      • Race-based differences will be limited to the starting attributes.
    • Revisions to Terminology
      The following in-game terms will be renamed.
      • Skill points -> Experience points
      • Rank -> Level

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