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A second thread, are you for real OP?

Linkshells are what you make them just like Free Companies. If you can't make a successful Linkshell that isn't Squares fault, sorry.
My first thread lacked depth and content , and with me using callouts for arguments was not helping matters either , that is why i decided to redo the whole thing with valid points and arguments.

Many of people are getting the false impression that i am not using linkshells for coil when if fact i am.
I think it is currently impossible to do t1-t4 of coil without some help from a linkshell at least in my server.

A Free company provides so many bonuses that a linkshell cannot which helps members bond easily ,i dont know why you guys cant see that , i think the last and final option for me to take will be to convince the core members of my FC to shift to a new one focused on End game.