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  1. RAWR Events Starting Back UP!!!!

    Hello FFXIV Community - RAWR is starting back up our weekly events!! WE will have fun running regular map parties (Lost Canals - using the new level 70 Gazelleskin Maps), POTD speed runs,...
  2. RAWR Events!!

    RAWR Events!

    Come one, come all!! EST schedule:
    Monday: Minion/Collectible Madness at Midnight!
    Wednesday: Chocobo Racing at 9pm
    Thursday: Gathering diadem at 10pm
    Friday: Bird Farming at...
  3. FC Recruiting for new/vets/HC/social

    <<RAWR>> Free Company Beastmode Recruiting for new, veteran, hardcore or social players.

    Medium House in the Lavender Beds, 4 Airships, Crafting workstations, established players who know how to...
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