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    tbh I wish the new fish tank deco was an item you...

    tbh I wish the new fish tank deco was an item you could buy with totems...
  2. Agreed. Also do the lofts by default just not...

    Agreed. Also do the lofts by default just not allow for furnishing? I don't see the point of creating that upper space with the loft pieces if we can't place anything on them :(
  3. The Minstrel's Ballad: FUNGAH, Knockback Bug

    When submitting a bug report, please use the below template and thoroughly fill out the necessary information.

    Date & Time: May 23rd, 1:16PST
    Frequency: Once
    World name: Famfrit
    Monster name:...
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    Sanctum of Twelve Teleportation

    Some friends and I were discussing that having the Sanctum of Twelve as a teleportation point location would be pretty great/incredibly convenient for players conducting or attending a wedding. An...
  5. Obtaining HW + ARR Beast Tribe mounts with corresponding tribe currency

    I've noticed the HW and ARR beast tribe mounts can only be obtained by buying them from the beast tribe vendor at 200K gil and 120K gil respectively.

    Given that SB beast tribe mounts are...
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    SOS button for Eureka

    Just wondering about the possibility of introducing an SOS button for anyone that ends up getting K.Oed in Eureka and are not part of a hunt train. I understand that shouting your position is an...
  7. Allied Seals as a possible reward for Alliance Roulette?

    not sure if anyone has addressed this yet, but I think it makes sense. :p
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