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  1. Looking for Static/Raid FC ( current content / SHB )


    i am currently looking for a raid static or raid fc for the current content and later for shadowbringer.

    Currently are all my classes at 70 and geared around 385-390.

    fought my way in...
  2. 100% correct. i thought about it as a way to...

    100% correct.

    i thought about it as a way to show people how there LB looks like.

    i often see meeles in alliance pugs spamming there LB as soon it its LV. 3 for example in World of Darkness...
  3. (Suggestion) future class quest introducing Limit Break 3 Ability

    Hey all,

    i have a suggestion which a had in my head a long time.

    i think it would be a good idea to introduce LB3 ability in future class quests. To give the player an idea how his own limit...
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