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    Azure Abyssite of celerity

    Thread Title:
    Azure Abyssite of celerity drop

    Pc / Window 7
    Virgin media

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    Date & Time:
    22:45pm gmt

    1. Always

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    Hume M


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    Black mage 90

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    Red mage 45

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    Abyssea - Konschtat

    Party or Solo:
    Party - two

    NPC Name:

    Monster Name:
    Tonberry Bedeviler
    Cryptonberry Occultist

    Have spent the past 3 days, roughly 150mins or so killing these for the azure of clerity to drop with no success, every monster takes roughly 45ish seconds to kill and im always making sure im pulling beforehand, i`d like to check to make sure this isnt glitched as I dont want to waste time if its never going to drop? or is there a sureway that im unaware of as i`ve killed well over 300 of these with no success whatsoever?
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    Edit: just realized which mob you're killing, not an NM, so !! doesn't apply.

    Just a low drop rate perhaps--wiki lists bedevilers as 3.4% rate, but never saw it that low, though we do have THF's in LS. Sometimes these things can be stubborn with "rare" drops. But it is possble it could have gotten gltiched when they were tweaking AF3 upgrade drop lists and what not.

    Last time we did these, we just used the bedevilers I thik.. the lower level ones, closer to the pass to the conflux. Not sure of the details on how you are doing it, but pull them yoursefl, one at a time. If you get adds, don't AOE kill them--kill them one at a time just to be sure you aren't getting hit with any AOE nerfing on drops.
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    Greetings, jetlee!
    Thank you for posting your concerns about the Azure Abyssite of celerity. I have made sure to submit your information to the development team, and they will make sure to investigate this matter thoroughly, based on your report. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that a direct response will be posted on this thread, but I do recommend consulting and for any news about the development team's investigation. Also, while this matter is being inspected, I do recommend continuing normally, since it may take some time for the investigation to reach a conclusion. RAIST made some good points in their post (thanks for posting your info, RAIST!), so you may find their advice helpful. We shall continue on with the inspection, in the meantime. Thanks again for your report!