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    Killer Effects

    Salutations. Though I realize your thought process when viewing these threads is:
    1) Someone posted in the In-Game Bugs forum!
    2) Did they use the format we require?
    3) Post that they should use the format we require, then never reply again.

    I'm still not going to do it. It's entirely irrelevant in this case, as I'm not testing anything that could possibly be client-side, and at least that way I'll get one post of response instead of 0. This post is more to warn other players of a bug in the game than anything else.

    You elected to make Beast, Plantoid, Arcana, and Demon Killer only 8% potency instead of 10% like the traits BST gets from 1-60. Undead and Dragon Killer are untested, but likely stand at 8%:

    Killer effect merits add 2% damage to Beast and Plantoid killer when using Ferine Gausape +2 (which appears to add 1/2 of the intimidation rate as a damage bonus). Bottom line is, they aren't working and you should probably fix them. I can't easily verify -DT% for the other types of monsters, so I'm not going to try.

    If anyone wants to try and verify -DT for other types of monsters, you should annoy crabs and lizards with low delay/damage weapons and hope for Fireball/Bubble Shower at high enough HP that the damage is still capped. It'll be a PITA. Let me know how that works out for ya.
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    Greetings, Byrth!
    Thank you for posting your concerns about Killer Effects. I understand how the form seems to ask for a lot of information. However, the template was put into place to make sure that we have enough information to conduct a thorough investigation. For now, I have made sure to submit the information that you have provided to the development team, and they will try their best to conduct a thorough investigation into this matter, based on your report. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that a direct response will be posted on this thread, but I do recommend checking on and for any details about the development team's investigation. Thanks again for your participation!