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Well looks like were getting it, they just announced a new sTP trait that will become availible at 90 vs aparently a planned level 91.

Also arcon as a counter point to your earlier post those few jobs that get access to TH gear THF cant wear are very limited nor can they build TH level so for the most part its a wasted effort, though might help them some if they are solo. also SA/TA do not function the same for a THF main and as a sub job, even meditate has a reduced potency when used as a sub. though on the flip side berserk does not have a reduced potency as a subjob.

while i do agree giving sekkanoki away to other jobs was a bit unfair im not going to complain about it, just politely ask that they do something to help balance sam back out, seriously back to back ukko's with a self light SC is kinda x.x coarse not every war has that weapon but still.

as a side note it looks as if they are giving us a wild flourish type ability so perhaps we might be able to 3 step light sc? i dont think this will help with balance though, considering i find it hard to just 2 step in most situations im on sam (dynamis) as i get interrupted by other DD's
Only thing I can think of for sekkanoki to improve it would be to make it possible to perform more then 2 weaponskills based on TP.

Samurai main job: player uses sekkanoki with 300 tp, sekkanoki divides tp into 100 100 100 allowing for 3 weaponskills.
player using sekkanoki with 200 tp, sekkanoki divides tp into 100 100 allowing for 2 weaponskills

Samurai support job: keep it the same as it is now.

From a technical standpoint I don't think it could ever work this way but I can dream, plus with unkai kote +2 it would make it like a mini 2 hr which would be unbalanced.