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    Not receiving EXP on defeating some NMs.

    I already reported this to an in-game GM on Saturday evening, and they took extensive details from me, but I'd like to know if anyone else has encountered it.

    My linkshell had around eight Raja sets to work through, and on the second pop some people in the alliance noticed that they didn't get any exp from the kill; only trophies. Wouldn't have been an issue a few weeks ago, but with the new merits and such, 6500 exp per Raja is a decent chunk.

    Moved onto the third pop, and the same people didn't get any exp, as well as a few more people who hadn't been affected on the previous fight. Took a break to fight Gamayun, the tier II VNM, and some people - again - didn't get exp from the fight. One person missed exp five fights in a row.

    Checked and none of them were at capped merits, none were KO-ed when the NMs died and all were within range to receive exp. They even checked to see how far they were into a merit, fought a Raja and went to see if the amount had changed - nothing. There was no pattern as to the jobs affected - WAR, NIN, BRD, WHM, THF and MNK were all affected at one point.

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    Greetings, Aequis!
    Thank you for posting your concerns about not receiving experience points from some NM's. As you have mentioned, a report about this matter has been filled out for you, and the matter is currently being inspected by the development team. I recommend checking on and the forums for any further news about this investigation. Thanks again for your report!