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    Dynamis Beaucedine win strategy

    For those who haven't done beaucedine win yet for xacarbard access the strategy is a little different but pretty similar

    farm a pop item from NM from around the pond just before u go down ramp rar/ex Bijou item

    have thief take the rar/ex item gather party in NW corner area of fei yin area
    take your voker to the ??? with ur thief
    there are 5-6 dragons that spawn now when u pop it so have thief pop flee run to the far corner byt the map + thief 2 hour and voker to grab eye and run it to NW corner
    the dragons will run back if you attempt to run up the ramp
    you get a message " You have left the battlefield and the dragons will race back to the eye as soon as theif runs out of range.
    zerg the eye and KI drops to everyone in party /alliance who needed
    the eye will still cast death and teleport around but goes down fairly easy zerging

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    I heard you can sleep the dragons now, if its true that's probably a better option.