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    May 13, 2011 (JST) Version Update

    Some changes that have already been announced require a client-side update or more development/testing time. These will be implemented in a separate version update scheduled for next week.

    • The method that certain monsters use to detect players in the following areas has been changed.
      Bostaunieux Oubliette / Toraimarai Canal / King Ranperre's Tomb / Dangruf Wadi / Ordelle's Caves / Outer Horutoto Ruins / Gusgen Mines / Crawlers' Nest / Maze of Shakhrami / Garlaige Citadel / Fei'Yin
      * The following zones were removed: Ranguemont Pass, Zeruhn Mines, Inner Horutoto Ruins, and Eldieme Necropolis (changes made on May 12, 2011)

    • The following adjustment has been made to Grounds of Valor.
      • Placement of target monsters for certain regimes that take place in The Eldieme Necropolis have been adjusted.
    • The following adjustments have been made to the puppetmaster job.
      • Automaton attachments have been adjusted as follows:
        • Power Cooler
          MP cost is reduced even if there are no Ice Maneuvers in effect.
        • Galvanizer
          Chance of countering is increased even if there are no Thunder Maneuvers in effect.
      • The following adjustments have been made to the new weapon skills that were added. In addition, we have addressed an issue wherein weapon skill damage was not calculated properly.
        • String Shredder
          Damage has been increased and status bonuses added.
        • Armor Shatterer
          Damage has been increased and status bonuses added.
          Skillchain element has been changed from Fragmentation / Scission to Fusion / Impaction.
    • The following adjustment has been made to Abyssea.
      • Empyrean upgrade items are now obtainable from certain notorious monsters.

    • More new linkshells have been made available for purchase.

    Miscellaneous Fixes
    • The following bugs have been fixed.
      • The skillchain effect of the Inhibitor attachment did not work properly with the String Shredder and Armor Shatterer weapon skills, causing the automaton to go into standby mode.
      • The damage of the blood pacts Crescent Fang, Mountain Buster, and Tail Whip was higher than intended.
      • Aptants and pigments could be used in synergy with aperture-etched equipment, causing the apertures to be erased.

    *The planned change to stop the "Heat Capacitor" attachment from erasing all Fire Maneuver effects has been postponed to a future update.
    *The Automaton weapon skill "Armor Shatterer" will also increase accuracy along with damage and status bonus.
    *The planned measures to reduce congestion in Port Jeuno will require a client-side update, and thus will be implemented in next week's update. We apologize to all players for this inconvenience, and ask for your patience and understanding.
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