Nice necro bump. I will comment anyways due to the fact that in the last month, I have noticed that 99% of bazaars are just currency now.

I know that a substantial amount of money is made by SE from people who pay for mules just so that they can sell / craft crap, and that SE doesn't want to eliminate that income. SE also keeps people engaged in the game world, by giving them the incentive of making Gil while away, as long as they don't log out.

To that end, I propose a new Auction house type of facility that requires that the person be logged in for their item to be available (just like a bazaar), but does not require them to be present. Or, They could be required to be in a certain zone, but not in the actual zone where the purchase is made. IE. In order for items to be displayed in this new warehouse, the seller must remain in their moghouse, or home town (or where ever the developers think that the traffic would not be a nuisance).

This new Auction House would only sell items like currency, plates, mirrors, geodes and other popular quest items / currencies that are sold in bulk, and other bazaar only items.

This would keep the people / mules online (and thus paying their fees), and keep them out of high traffic zones.

More importantly, it would make finding / selling these items a lot easier, and clear up a lot of traffic in congested zones (if that's even an issue anymore.).