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    Missing Cutscenes in Throne Room

    A player completing the rank 5 final battle for a second or third time, after first completing it for another allegiance, will not be shown the opening cutscene (or even given the option to view or skip it) and will instead bet dropped immediately into the battle.

    Platform: PC and Xbox 360, at least
    ISP: various
    Type of Internet Connection: various
    Internet Connection Speed: various
    Date & Time: repeatedly
    Frequency: 100%
    Character Name: various
    Race: various
    World: Fairy and then Sylph
    Main Job: various
    Support Job: various
    Area and Coordinates: Throne Room
    Party or Solo: party
    NPC Name: n/a
    Monster Name: Shadow Lord
    1. Complete one of the following missions: "The Shadow Awaits," "Xarcabard, Land of Truths" or "The Shadow Lord"
    2. Change allegiance and progress to rank 5 in your new allegiance
    3. Enter the battle again for your new allegiance.

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    Hey Ziyyigo-Tipyigo!

    Thanks for bringing the cut-scene being skipped to our attention! I'll be forwarding the issue to try and get it resolved. As we continue to look into this issue, any updates will be posted within the forums as they become available.