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cerebus seems to have a decent population 3200+ during JP prime times about 1800+ during NA time frames

keeping that in mind people seeking parties these days i did a search other day to doa level sync for a friend /sea all inv 10-80 and was only 14 people seeking it appears there are a lot of solo'rs until 30 then they break loose on abyssea with the weekend warriors on it gets a little more parties but still can be a hassle setting up old east ronf. birds parties or even ToAU parties are dead still with the new xp just lets people xp faster into abyssea.
Well I am actually joining Cerberus and im dragging 3-4 of my WoW buddies with me (real life friends) who've played FFXI in the past and we have old accounts with at least 1 75 before the new level cap, and we kinda forgot our info (except one person but we apparently cant get into odin where his char is located) anyway we could use another person to grind with from 1-30 lol so if any new players joining Cerberus wants a leveling group feel free to pm me