• [dev1012] Revamped Monster Placement
    • Several areas will receive adjustments to monster distribution in order to cater to high-level characters.
    • The level of monsters near the entrance of affected areas will remain unchanged. However, players will encounter higher level monsters as they venture deeper.
    • These adjustments will be implemented alongside Grounds of Valor and Dungeon Treasure Caskets.
      • Affected Areas:
        Ranguemont Pass / Bostaunieux Oubliette / Toraimarai Canal / Zeruhn Mines / King Ranperre's Tomb / Dangruf Wadi / Inner Horutoto Ruins / Ordelle's Caves / Outer Horutoto Ruins / The Eldieme Necropolis / Gusgen Mines / Crawlers' Nest / Maze of Shakhrami / Garlaige Citadel / Fei'Yin
    * Similar adjustments are planned for future version updates.

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