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    Calling all players on the Ragnarok server

    Hi all just thought i would post a new thread as players from other servers may also start new threads like this one as it is a forum and to also make new friends on there own server i thought i would just try this out and see what replys i get via this thread well here go's.

    My timezone is Gmt as im from england but i do play really long hours even all night sometimes and as we all know we have got many players leaching in Abyssea from level 30+ so if you are like me and would sooner level sync and play your jobs outside of Abyssea then please post here and hopefully we can get the fun back in to the game weather you are new to the game and need help or would like to do endgame stuff like nyzal isle, assault, sky, sea or any other endgame stuff to help others out and also get help in return for endgame gear upgrades like mythic or emp weapons and armor hopefully this forum will work to put fun back in to the game hope to chat to and see you all in game if you are on the ragnarok server thanks for takeing the time to read this post and any replys.
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