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    Tier 4 ZNM Trophy Drop Rate Adjustment?

    Are there any plans to adjust the drop rate of trophies from tier 4 ZNMs? Any kind of increase would be nice for the amount of work that's required to get a pop for a tier 4 only to have to repeat that multiple times because the tier 4 refused to drop a trophy. Back when I was working on my Burtgang, I went 1/19 on seeing a Tinnin's Fang even with a Thief with max Treasure Hunter every fight. I can understand the drop rate not being 100% on trophies, but right now there's no way anyone who puts in the time to do ZNMs or has in the past can deny the trophy drop rate is too low for the time invested into them. Thanks for reading.

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    Glad I'm not the only one that's been thinking about this. Mythic upgrades aside, I'd want them to be 100% just for the opportunity to actually fight Pandemonium Warden sometime this year lol.
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    yeah, short time necrobump. Working a mythic weapon is painful.

    1) get rid of Sanraku's limit per day on how many plates he can accept.
    •Takes 22,000 zeni to make 1 T4 pop, if all pop items were bought at the lowest cost. Trading in 220 film takes 22 game days.
    2) makes the cost of pop items static.
    3) Lower the cost of the pop items.
    4) make the T4 trophies 100%.