• [dev1009] New Trigger Conditions for Notorious Monsters
    • Trigger conditions for following notorious monsters will be adjusted to spawn by trading specific items to the “???” in the respective area.
      Fafnir / Nidhogg: Dragon’s Aery
      Behemoth / King Behemoth: Behemoth’s Dominion
      Adamantoise / Aspidochelone: Valley of Sorrows

      - The ”???” will respawn a minute after the battle is over.
      - The NM will despawn if unclaimed for 90 seconds at the spawned location.
      - The feature wherein the level of these monsters will increase after battling them for a period of time will remain unchanged.

    • How to obtain the trigger items:
      Fafnir: Treasure from “Early Bird Catches the Wyrm”
      Behemoth: Treasure from “Horns of War”
      Adamantoise: Treasure from “The Hills are Alive”
      * At least one of these items will be dropped in every battle.

      Nidhogg: Treasure dropped by Fafnir
      King Behemoth: Treasure dropped by Behemoth
      Aspidochelone: Treasure dropped by Adamantoise

    • The treasures dropped by the following notorious monsters will be adjusted as follows:
      Fafnir : Wyrm Beard removed
      Nidhogg : Drop rate of Wyrm Beard decreased
      Behemoth : Behemoth Tongue removed
      King Behemoth : Drop rate of Behemoth Tongue decreased
      Adamantoise : Adamantoise Egg removed
      Aspidochelone : Drop rate of Adamantoise Egg decreased
If you wish to discuss or submit feedback on this topic, please use the [dev1009] tag.
*Details on obtaining the NM trigger items were updated on April 20, 2011.