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Holy Jesus. Did you even read the update notes?

RE: Cosmic Elucidation - Please show where Tenzen uses anything that resembles Tachi: Rana. I can't bring myself to address the rest of it right now, and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't bother trying to understand any of it if I did.

Also, please learn to use your enter key because I'm to stupid to read a full persons comment and have to just get the clip notes.
I could really question your IQ here.........so I will, if Light <> Dark = t4 which CE is then would not Rana > Gekko which makes Dark then to Kaiten which Gekko <> Kaiten makes Light so that means Rana > Gekko > Kaiten = T4 or CE? The answer is obvious to a good same, so where do you fall. Also since when does the enter key have anything to do with what this post was about. Finally from what I've read on the sc update they want to decrease the damage of sc's because, no one wants to use them and they tend to be the by product of random ws's, but in exchange for that they intend it to lower the opponents resistance to that element and thus increase the damage done by MB, which sam can't cast spells, unless you really want to play the wrong job, so it only helps out when people really have trouble sticking stuff, which is rare but the time does arise.

Just to make you happy I put your enter in there, but I do have a question for you, are you one of those bandwagon sams from the hasso/seigan era? Seriously? Any good sam should know their sc and see that I was setting up a T4 which as I mention and it has also been brought up earlier in this forum that CE is T4 and that is basically what OP wants and who can blame him it is awesome.