Platform: Windows
ISP: Verizon
Type of Internet Connection: Wireless
Internet Connection Speed: 940 Mbps
Date & Time: 12:00AM & 1/17/2020
Frequency: Any time below conditions are met
Character Name: Buukki
Race: Galka
World: Asura
Main Job: BST
Support Job: any
Area and Coordinates: Any location jug pets can be used
Party or Solo: Party
NPC Name:
Monster Name:
1. Join party with another player
2. Have other player as leader
3. Party leader calls trust alter egos
4. Use Call Beast or Bestial Loyalty with VivaciousVickie
5. Engage/Fight monster
6. Have trust NPCs within range
7. Use /bstpet 2 (Zealous Snort) on VivaciousVickie
8. Pet Master + all alter egos within range obtain the Zealous Snort bonuses
9. Party leader does not receive bonus from party member's pet

*If the Master is party leader, his alter egos do not receive any bonus effect from pet