Type of Internet Connection:High Speed
Internet Connection Speed:250mbs
Date & Time: 1/15/2020
Frequency: Once
Character Name: Typral
Race: Tarutaru
World: Asura
Main Job: White Mage
Support Job: Scholar
Area and Coordinates: Chocobo Race spectators area for Sandoria (G-11)
Party or Solo: Solo
NPC Name:Eugenia
Monster Name:NA
1.Enter the spectators area for Sandoria chocobo races
2. Talk to the woman named Eugenia, next to another NPC both sitting on the floor
3. She mentions she is cheering for "ID168962:4-8"!

I think this is a bug because all the chocobo's have names during the race, so she must be referencing their specific ID's instead of their names.