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    rov mission (Sin)

    Platform: Windows
    ISP: Optimum Online
    Type of Internet Connection: lan
    Internet Connection Speed: 500Mbps
    Date & Time: ongoing
    Frequency: Once
    Character Name: bohamdan
    Race: galka
    World: asura
    Main Job: war, Lv.99
    Support Job: sam
    Area and Coordinates: Grauberg (S)
    Party or Solo: solo
    NPC Name: rov mission (Sin)
    Monster Name:Sin
    i cant even enter Desuetia - Empyreal Paradox i did d/c when cs started when i logged back in i check Transcendental Radiance nothing happen and im still stuck on that mission plz help me

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    Depending on the time you d/c'd in the cutscene the game may have advanced the mission.

    Same thing happened to someone a month or so ago. Try going ahead to the next missions (Return to Reisenjima Sanctorium for a cutscene)

    If that doesn't work go to a mystic retriever.
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