Date 1-9-2020
Time: 11:00 EST
World: Asura
Location Balgas Dais BCNM area
Event: Mars Orb
Character Name: Sydds

Issue: Mars Orb Event Malfunction
Details: I used a Mars Orb. When I entered the arena, there were no chests to select, there was nothing at all. Then I received a POL message about a network issue and had to select OK to continue. This sent me back to the character select menu.

When I reconnected with the same character (Sydds), it placed me back in the chest selection area for a moment and then warped me back into the Balgas Dias BCNM staging area, as if the event was completed. I was unable to participate in the event and my Mars Orb then had a crack in it and could no longer be used.