Platform : windows
Area and coordinates : ru'lude gardens

I'm having a weird issue with the Hunt Registry. I signed up for a hunt... completed the hunt (got the message after I killed the NM) and then went to turn it in... and it just like won't do anything. I select the "Turn in Completed Hunt" option and it just does nothing, no sounds or text, it just goes back to the game like I wasn't interacting with the Registry. I tried turning it into the Registry I signed up with and other registries but the same nothingness happens.

The game still acknowledges I'm signed up for a hunt though. When I try to take up a training page it's like "Would you like to cancel your hunt?" Very confusing to me. I was going to report it as a bug on the official forums but they were giving me grief signing in so I though... maybe Reddit will have a solution or similar experience.