I'm 100% stuck here on this quest; spent the last 5 days working on Wings of the Goddess and this mission has me at a stalemate.

One barrier goes down in wave 1; I can usually get through wave 2 with 2 barriers up/throw a heal on the NPC; but wave 3 instantly kills everything in less than 5 seconds (I've tried firing off a summon ability, but can never get it to go off in time).

I'm open to suggestions that aren't lvl another toon to lvl 100. I have 5 trusts up and it's not happening

I've been digging the heck out of this storyline, but I can see why this was meant for 18 people. The only drawback I've had in this game is the INSANE slow timing between telling my guy to attack and the attack starting. Also everytime I kill an enemy, my guy stops attacking and I need to restart.