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    ps4 controller latency/lag issues

    So my ps4 was working perfectly fine for about a year or so, but then around September 2019 I started having these issues where I would get lag or latency problems when hitting the triggers to bring up the macros(basically the macro bar wouldn't show up until about 2 seconds went by after hitting the trigger button). This seems to happen a lot more often while moving my character and trying to hit the triggers while moving. There have been many issues over the years regarding controllers but this one I haven't been able to figure out. I tried returning to the game today (early december 2019) but this is basically unplayable. Any advice or tips? I've tried scptookit and ds4, doesn't make a difference. And for the last year (before september when i quit) the ps4 controller worked fine without having to use ds4 or scptoolkit. (edit: also i would like to point out that my ps4 controller works for other games on my pc just fine)
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