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To coincide with the November version update, Producer Akihiko Matsui hosted another Freshly Picked Vana'diel to go over some of the new content and discuss other topics pertinent to adventuring. The following is a digest of what was discussed.

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Hello, everyone. Matsui here.

Thank you for tuning in to Freshly Picked Vana’diel 48.
In this broadcast, we focused on the November version update details, as well as other information.

We’ve put together a digest and an archived video for those of you who were unable to join us for the broadcast, or simply want a recap on all of the information.

Table of Contents
  • Version Update
    This segment of the show focused on the major aspects of the November version update.
    • Battle Content: Ambuscade
      In November, Volume 1 will see the return of the Mamool Ja, and Volume 2 will feature Sea Monks.

      Only one monster will appear in Volume 2.
      The key is to watch for the effects of a certain ability and using physical or magical attacks, whichever is more effective! Rewards include a great sword lockstyle item, which was shown off in the video.

    • Beastmaster Job Adjustment
      The Lucani and the Citrullus are now available as pets.

      The Lucani are thief-type pets, and they have relatively high evasion. During the night, they will glow like fireflies! The item required for summoning them can be obtained through synthesis or synergy.

      The Citrullus are monk-type pets. The item required to summon them can be purchased from vendors, so you’ll be able to obtain them quite easily. It shares the same Ready ability as Lycopodium.

    • Scholar Job Adjustment
      The maximum total MP accumulated by the ability Sublimation has been increased to 50% of maximum HP.
      The duration of the black magic spell Klimaform has been increased to 300 seconds to reduce busyness.

    • Battle Content: Dynamis ~Divergence~
      Statues received graphical changes to improve the visibility of certain mechanics. We also wanted to address player concerns about variations in color perception, so we came up with a way to address both.

      Take a look at the video to see some gameplay footage of the changes!

  • Fujito’s /shout
    Return Home to Vana’diel Campaign / Discount Campaign
    If you’re considering returning to Vana’diel, take advantage of these campaigns and continue your adventures!

    The Fall Alter Ego Extravaganza
    If you’re missing any of the following Alter Egos, be sure to check it out!
    • Makki-Chebukki
    • King of Hearts
    • Morimar
    • Sakura
    • Ovjang
    • Mnejing
    • Cid
    • Rahal
    • Koru-Moru
    • Qultada
    • Adelheid
    • Amchuchu

    Autumn Double the Fun Campaign (Part One / Part Two)
    The campaign consists of two parts, and include campaigns that help you earn job points, the highly requested Dark Matter Arcane Glyptics Campaign, and more!

    Adventurer Gratitude Campaign
    Once per week, you’ll receive rewards for logging in!
    There are four weeks’ worth of rewards. If you already own them, you’ll be able to receive Mog Pells and other items instead.

    I Dream of Mog Bonanza 2020
    In the video we showed off Grudge, the new 4th place reward, so check it out!

    Vana’diel’s MonSTAR Screenshot Campaign
    Submit an exceptional screenshot of your favorite monSTAR!
    Winners will receive the new Byakko Masque item!

    November 2019 Login Campaign
    The ♪Dhalmel mount will be available for exchanging!

    A Challenge from Lion
    We created a special event for the 11th month of the year!
    The trigger item required to participate in the ongoing A Challenge from Lion: Part 1 is obtainable from the November 2019 Login Campaign. Overcome this challenge to obtain Lion’s Norgish Dagger, a fashionable item to add to your lockstyle collection!

    Part 2 will be available starting from Tuesday, November 19.
    The trigger item for Part 2 will also be available from the Login Campaign exchange.
    In Part 2, Lion returns with two additional allies, and the reward will be the synthesis materials for the reward from Part 1. Synthesizing this will grant the dagger with the appearance of the weapon wielded by the Lion II Trust!

    There will also be Record of Eminence objectives related to this battle.
    Complete them to earn rewards such as the Mandragora Pouch and the Moogle Sacoche!

We’ll let you know when we decide when the next Freshly Picked Vana’diel will be. We hope to bring you lots of fresh content next time as well, so please look forward to it!

Until then, see you!