Platform: Windows 7
ISP: Doesn't matter
Type of Internet Connection: Cable modem (CAT6 wired)
Internet Connection Speed: high
Date & Time: around 10am est 11/11/2019
Frequency: Always
Character Name: Velisian
Race: TarutaruF
World: Asura
Main Job: WAR 99
Support Job: DNC 49

Area and Coordinates: Censored.
Party or Solo: Censored
NPC Name: Censored
Monster Name: Censored

Do some stuff.
Obtain effectively unlimited beastmen's and kindred's medals.

This has very wide ranging impact on the game's economy, and can be repeated indefinitely. I currently have almost 8000 duped beastmen's medals on my character, and several other people are using this exploit as well. This needs to be fixed.

I did not post the actual steps or location here, as I don't want to make the issue worse. I made a task force report yesterday, and a detailed report with GM Voxpainet today. Please refer to either of those for the actual data regarding the exploit.