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Honestly, even if you were DPSing together, the command range nerf still causes a ton of frustration because with larger monsters, you can't (easily) stand on opposite sides of the monster or otherwise far enough apart to avoid AoEs and such hitting both you and the pet. So I'd argue that the change caused undue hassle for all playstyles of BST.

Besides, the proper way to promote that kind of play would have been to make the rewards more worth the risks, rather than just say "you can't do this anymore because we said so." Besides, neither PUP nor SMN were subjected to this change- it's a special rule just for BST.
You have your ways of playing, I have mine. I am not going to call your way wrong, because that will be ignorant. The beauty of BST is play-styles; more than one way to skin a cat.

I always dd alongside my pet. The nerf does not bother me. I dd, get out of the way of tp moves, then return. If anything, the range nerf gives me more charges due to the fact that I have to wait. This is how I play bruh; for 12 years. Not sure what you want from me lol.......