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    The Light Side - A Guide to White Mage Gear

    Okay, since I've seen a lot of recent threads talking about White Mage gear. I've posted a bit of a guide to high-level WHM over on my blog. Feel free to check it out.
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    You may also want to mention a general fast cast set and put a note on there about the orison body, it's now possible to get 49% cure potency without a body piece which makes the body piece the absolute best curing body when you're maxed out on the rest of your cure potency build.

    Might also be helpful to post some melee and nuking builds just for completion, not that they often come into play (especially if you play other jobs often) but a few times, such as duoing Mictlantecuhtli (just to speed up the process), I've found myself glad I kept something of a nuke build on me.

    Otherwise, looked decent enough as I skimmed over it. Gonna give this one a like as it's a decent starting place and a useful reference page for many WHMs wondering what types of sets they should be building and what they ought to be aiming for.

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    The idle/pdt gear is outdated.
    It was very good lev 75 (i know many whm are stuck few years ago...) when we didnt have many gear with refresh on it but now we can have :
    - Owleyes (can be duo/trio'd lev 90, good drop rate, so not hard to get)
    - Wivre Hairpin (like you said, very rare drop from a gold coffer in abyssea dem)
    - Moonshade Earring (lolWotG missions)
    - Orison Bliaud +2 (yes +2 not +1, empousa is damn easy to duo, no excuse to dont have it)
    - Stearc Subligar (a lolquest, damn easy, you just have to get all the gear needed for your current job)
    - Serpentes Cuffs/Serpentes Sabots (the cuff have a VERY good drop rate, the feet can be solo'd as whm, not too hard/long to get)

    So a total of +7 mp per tick (that why we should focus on this idle gear and not on a conserv MP gear for buff/na spells btw)
    It tooks me 1 day to get the club, the serpentes set and the subligar. It's not hard, not long, not expensive...

    You MUST have 2 macros : 1 idle, 1 PDT. If you have a single macro for both, you do it wrong (and lol at ppl with Owleyes + genbu shield...)


    About bar spells : "Main: (App. elemental staff)". No the elemental staves will do nothing to boost the potency of your bar spells.
    You have to go with enhancing skill/Elemental resistance spells only (btw the af 3 +1 will replace your blessed body)


    About the fast cast/cure casting time gear, it should be on a precast macro, not full time...


    The idea of a guide is not bad but all your sets can be a lot better for a minimal cost
    (i lol'd here : "Now don’t kid yourself if you think this stuff is easy to get, because it’s not. It will require a lot of hard work and effort on your part"... no offence...)

    The thing i dont understand (maybe because it's 3:30 AM here, i saw that my english started to sucks hard lol) is that you said you wrote a guide... but you post your gear, not the good things we have to get, but just your gear. It's a bit strange for me since almost start to say you have "8 different gearsets" but you only show 3 of them because you want to "keep (the guide) simple."

    Here i asked to myself, for who is the guide ? at this point, the only answer i found is "for someone who doesnt play to FFxI". It cant be for advanced members. I cant imagine that you try to learn something to someone who start to play whm (cause you cant start by the gear itself if you want to introduce a job, and because you talk about a lot of things like if it was an obviousness)

    Then i saw your idle/pdt gear, which is not bad as PDT gear, but not an idle for the reason i said before and because if you take 20 sec to think about it, you must agree that as whm the time where a mob will hit you is really situational and for this reason you should have an idle gear with the best refresh you can have. Remember that the PDT/Idle gear comes from rdm who needed it to kite/dot/nuke a mob while they were solo on it. Its not the same use for a whm...

    Then i saw your cure set and the first thing that i saw was your body. I know you dont have the af 3 body +1/2 (at least when you did the guide) but who care about what YOU have when you write a guide ? this body is outdated for whm. It was good until the lev 88 but not after. and here again, you just show what you have. Nothing about the af 3 body which is the best body for a cure set. What kind of guid you wrote ? srly ?
    I liked the description of your cure set, but you dont listen yourself (ie : "enmity gear isn’t as vitally important as it was in the past." or "This set focuses on potency for big cures" and look your grip/back/feet/neck/earring...)

    The bar spell set was far away the better of the 3 but you can improve it for a low cost.

    Imo you should rename the page by "the evolution of my gear" or something like that. Its clearly not a guide, actually i guess that you need to take some advices instead try to give them. Again i'm not trying to do a troll or something but its maybe too early for you atm, to write a guide.
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