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    Character Option Content ID Vanished Completely

    Hopefully this first in this forum. I've had a number of support tickets raised for this and so far the only replies I have is how to do a character reactivation which is not an option in this case and because of my timezone I haven't been able to get to the EU live chat.

    This first occurred over a week ago, after my subscription moved from the 30 day free trial to the monthly subscription the bill was payed and the end date was updated to the 2nd of November.
    Despite this, when I tried to select the character it appeared greyed out and would give me an Invalid Content ID error. I checked my account and the character was listed under the Active Options. I then tried to cancel and reactivate the character which made no difference.
    After few days without hearing back from support I decided to try creating a new character, seeing if that worked and then cancelling the character and re-activating the broken one.
    When I went back into the account the previous Character option has COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED - This makes any of the support responses of the character reactivation process extremely annoying because obviously they aren't even bothering to read the full support ticket description.

    Originally the character option was listed as "character" (in game name "Kwizikel" with an end date of the 2nd November. There are two remaining cancelled options one of which shares the same name ("character") but this one is old and not used at all (never been activated since first few days of the trial) and doesn't list an updated end date.
    The character option that seems to have completely replaced the broken one (my main obviously) is "Jacinta@Asura" (in game name "Jacinta").

    I just want to get this figured out in a way that doesn't take forever, it's already wasted about a quarter of the subscription period. It's extremely frustrating.

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    Since it's an account issue going through the SE support site is about your only option.