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    Several links are leading to error messages (SQEX Knowledge Base)


    as a new player I've checked the GM Policy article found here.

    Some of the FAQ links however don't work correctly as they will lead to the SQUARE ENIX Support Center but with the following error message:

    The Knowledge Base article you are attempting to access does not exist.

    I've clicked on every link from the FAQ and the following links are leading to "dead" Knowledge Base article(s):
    • I accidentally called a GM. What should I do?
    • Using the name of a Square Enix employee or its likeness
    • Can I request a specific GM when I call?
    • Inappropriate Naming
    • I am being harassed on an out-of-game website (BBS, board, etc.) Can the GM take action on this?
    • I would like an item lost in-game returned.
    • Actions that could result in an unfair advantage
    • The GM icon is blinking on the upper right of my screen. What does it mean?
    • Harassment
    • What constitutes taking advantage of in-game mechanics not intended as normal means of game play?
    • About Monster Holding
    • How do you judge if an action is harassment?
    • What kind of promise should I make when lending or borrowing an item?
    • Inappropriate behavior
    • What is the difference between harassment and inappropriate behavior?
    • The account may have been compromised. What should I do?
    • Managing Linkshell Items
    • Harassment - Response
    • At what point do you consider someone to be monster holding?
    • What is a GM (Game Master) in Vana'Diel?

    Date & Time:
    Monday, 23 September 2019, 6:30 PT

    GM Policy Outline of FINAL FANTASY XI Official Website,

    Operating System:
    Windows 10 Pro

    Google Chrome version 77.0.3865

    I hope this can be confirmed as an unintended website bug and be fixed sooner or later.

    Have a nice day
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