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    Maiden of the Dusk - High-Tier Battlefield

    Salutations Adventurers!

    I’d like to provide a hint regarding the equipment drops from the Maiden of the Dusk high-tier battlefield.

    Unlike previously implemented high-tier battlefields, such as July’s Champion of the Dawn, the base drop rate of equipment from this high-tier battlefield has been set higher regardless of the difficulty.
    However, as there are various equipment available from the loot, it may feel difficult to obtain the specific equipment you are looking for.

    We’ve received feedback discussing this matter, and wanted to inform everyone that there’s actually a way to increase the number of drop slots by fulfilling a certain condition!

    There is a mechanic in the Normal difficulty and above that unlocks an additional slot for drops when you fulfill a certain condition. While this doesn’t necessarily guarantee a piece of equipment each time, it does increase the chance for equipment to drop.

    Furthermore, challenging the battlefield on the Very Difficult setting has a chance to reward the maximum number of drops. If you feel confident enough to take on the higher difficulties, you’ll have a higher chance of obtaining more equipment there!

    Though I can’t go as far as to name the specific mechanic, by this point you may have figured out which mechanic it is. The condition you need to fulfill should also be fairly straightforward.

    I hope this hint will assist you in your adventures and obtaining your desired loot!
    (But remember, when all else fails, you can always trust in the power of the Ebony Panels! )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Okieeomi View Post
    Salutations Adventurers!

    (But remember, when all else fails, you can always trust in the power of the Ebony Panels! )
    I appreciate the AV reference, but I'm almost 40 years old. After 20 years of playing this game, can you please be more specific?

    (For example, does Very Difficult render this hint useless? Or is it an additional increase in drop-slots with respect to this hint?).