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    Enspell Dmg Broke?

    After update im getting considerably less enspell dmg even with the new merits and relic legs equiped for rdm.
    a few points of dmg off wouldn't be such a big deal but when I was hitting for over 1k with them before and now im hitting for 600-700 with the same gear and maxed out new merit category there is definitely something off. if I slot in the relic legs it brings it up to about 850ish which is still waaaay lower than before.

    Platform: all
    ISP: Charter Communications
    Type of Internet Connection: fiber
    Internet Connection Speed: 200mbs
    Date & Time: 8/6/2019 8am
    Frequency: since update
    Character Name: Avesta
    World: Lakshmi
    Main Job: rdm
    Support Job: dnc, nin
    Area and Coordinates: all
    Party or Solo: both
    Monster Name: all
    Steps: tried removing new merits to see if it was an issue with the new adjustments but no
    also thought maybe the Orpheus sash effect no longer worked on them so unequipped that but still got lower.

    More testing showed enspell dmg being the same on most weapons.
    Issue seems to be with when using crocea mors
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