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    Overload during Overdrive (PUP)

    Platform: Windows 10
    ISP: CenturyLink
    Type of Internet Connection: optic fiber
    Internet Connection Speed: 14 Mbit/s

    Date & Time: August 6, 2019 13:58:27 Central Daylight Time USA (UTC-6)
    Frequency: always
    Character Name: Antisense
    Race: TarutaruF
    World: Ragnarok
    Main Job: PUP99
    Support Job: WHM49
    Area and Coordinates: Mount Zhayolm (C-6)
    Party or Solo: Solo (with trusts)
    NPC Name: None
    Monster Name: Sarama


    Realms of Eminence objective Unity > Unity (Wanted 3) > Subjugation: Sarama (UC).

    Prior to battle had Thunder Maneuver, Fire Maneuver, Light Maneuver statuses active. I engaged Sarama and then used Deploy to have automaton attack, then I used Heady Artifice, then I used Overdrive.

    After Overdrive, I used Thunder Maneuver, then Fire Maneuver, then then Light Maneuver. During Overdrive, the chat log kept reporting 1% overload chance. On the fourth Maneuver use, I got "Overload" status, which immediately wore off.

    Here are the literal chat log messages AFTER the use of Overdrive:

    "Antisense's Thunder Maneuver overload chance is 1%."
    "Antisense's Fire Maneuver overload chance is 1%."
    "Antisense's Light Maneuver overload chance is 1%."
    "Antisense's Thunder Maneuver overload chance is 1%."
    "Antisense is overloaded!"
    "Antisense is no longer overloaded."

    Automaton frame:
    Valoredge X-900 head
    Sharpshot Z-500 frame

    Attachments (left to right, top to bottom row)
    Optic Fiber II
    Optic Fiber
    Magniplug II
    Mana Jammer IV
    Inhibitor II
    Turbo Charger II
    Flame Holder
    Steam Jacket
    Turbo Charger
    Coiler II
    Auto-Repair Kit IV
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    I ran into exactly the same problem, but when I was killing Shiva VD. Also using Fire, Thunder, Light. But my overload happened right after Fire Maneuver while Overdrive was active. First time I've ever overloaded during Overdrive.

    My attachments at the time:
    Valoredge Header/Sharpshot frame
    Optic Fiber 1/2
    Auto-repair kit 4
    Coiler 2
    Inhibitor 1/2
    Speedloader 2
    Magniplug 1/2
    Turbo Charger 2
    Steam Jacket

    Attached: Screenshot of my combat log when the overload happened.