Also while we are on the sugestion area, i have one sugestion to the eschutechon quest, please create a new +1 version of the spheres making then give extra spirit but being EX spheres (non tradable) and make then craftable via the current rare ex itens (like carbuncle ruby), reasoning for these is to move away the bots that farm the spheres from the rare ex itens camps to cards so they can still porfit and move a market on sphere while not cloging quest itens for too long specially after they finished their shields already and are trying to profit from sphere market. (and while we are at it do you mind moving the lvl 2 spheres like fusion from hq+1 to hq? i do know they are hq+1 to make it harder to finish the quest on proupose but the bar right now is kinda high for people who are trying to legit farm the shield instead of boting with 5 characters and geting it done in 2 months, i am also aware that more shield on the market also means shifts in the prices but that could be alliviated with new su5 like equipment going live)