This game needs new players .... good lord it needs new player.
First and foremost we need to add something into the moogle tutorial on your first login to get the player into the mentor system and looking for a mentor. Secondly ... we need to get people interested in the mentor system and actively pursuing it .... So how do you entice end game players to take a newbie under thier wing and show them the ropes.

Simple make the rewards worth the time to do so .... i think we need Deeds, silver vouchers, plutons, riftborne, Dynamis currency etc. on the board for helping a new player complete objectives while in your party. and we really need this to be a rewarding experience ..... because ideally we want all our old salty sea dogs tripping over each other to help any new player they run across ....

We need rewards for teaching players about macros, the city they are in, leveling with level synch on, complementing missions and quests with a new player. etc. teaching them to craft ....Performing a skill chain with them, helping them magic burst ... all the game skills they need to tackle the game (finding trusts).

Its really that simple ... end game players generally wont take time out from farming to help because they need to farm so much to accomplish anything .... so BRING the farming into other aspects of the game that need to improve to make the community more approachable to new players. the rewards have to be commensurate with spending the same amount of time farming or preferably better so the number one fastest way to get your endgame weapon is actually by helping others lower than you and new to the game. include one for completing ambuscade with someone of a lower gear level than you ... or for getting someone job points thats under SU2.