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    How I'de change Ambuscade if i could.

    So I noticed Ambuscade is in my opinion one of the easiest to access and most approachable place for a new player to get equipment. "Fresh 99's" as it were ....

    However i noticed also that most people are not outgoing or helpful in regards to this system ... you generally have to solo the content or you have to be in a helpful LS which is dropping off in availability as everyone is now in "engame item farm mode" and cant take time out of farming HMP, currency, or plutons etc. to do anything ....

    I have a suggestion to fix a lot of things with a simple change.

    Switch gallantry to being a drastically more point efficient trade in than hallmarks .... and use total gallantry for free stuff each month .... this way if someone can solo the content they are still far more likely to grab a newbie and solo it with them or teach them the fight mechanics to get more gallantry .... and maybe make it time and effort comparable to farming solo or better .... generally its better for the community if the party combined ways of doing things are more efficient.

    secondly the cycle of continually making ambuscade harder every trip around is making it way too hard on newbies, and even mid level players .... i as someone with a gear level of probably 130+ short mostly only a REMA weapon cant solo much more than very easy or easy on intense most months (geared towards 119 and 124 respectively) these should probably be easy for me. i get that the best players still want a challenge so ..... my suggestion is to instead when you increase difficulty either do it to D and VD or as a novelty suggestion make a VD+ VD++ etc.

    also due to the new reward mechanics actually preferring groups of real players if a group can clear say D they may be more inclined to just snatch someone for more gallantry .....
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