Very long (30-45 second) delay when transitioning from POL ('Don't forget your family..') to FFXI Terms (Accept/Decline) screen.

Platform: Windows 10
ISP: Verizon FIOS
Type of Internet Connection: Fiber Optic
Internet Connection Speed: 1Gbps Up/1Gbps down
Date & Time: Any day or time, always 100% reproducible.
Frequency: 100%
Character Name: Sleepyt (but really, not applicable).
Race: Tarutaru
World: Asura
Main Job: GEO
Support Job: RDM
Area and Coordinates: Any zone, coordinates (but not applicable to this problem).
Party or Solo: Any
NPC Name: Not applicable
Monster Name: Not applicable
1. Start PlayOnline.
2. Enter your SE ID/Password to Login
3. Press Play on POL screen that says "Do not forget your work, family, friends..." etc
4. As expected, the POL running process will disappear from focus.
5. Wait 30-40 seconds (or more) for FFXI screen to appear, which prompts user to "Accept" or "Decline" Terms and Conditions.
6. When Accept is pressed, you will immediately be shown the FFXI title screen...but left wondering why the initial 40-second delay took place.

FFXI has been freshly installed on this PC using both Windows 7 and the original FFXI installer (no delay), as well as a fresh Windows 10 Pro installation using the new 2010 installer (delay exists), requiring me to open this bug report.