I've been doing monster rearing for a few weeks now, and I have 2 questions.

1) If I have a monster that doesn't seem to evolved (always saying "squirms uncontrollably" for over a week), should I get rid of it and start over? It's at 3 stars and has been for a while. It's a lamb, and I'm using Boyhda Moss to turn it into a sheep. My 3 other mules got their lamb to evolve on the first or second try. I'm getting really frustrated with it.

2) Regarding the sheep on my three mules, 2 of them are acting weird. Whenever I go to pet them, they say something along the lines of "surprisingly not worthless". Another website lists both petting and yelling as options, but both give the same result. It never improves for these 2 characters. The other mule gets "strongly resonates" all the time and is progressing nicely. All 3 mules have the exact same setup in terms of parenting style and what I'm feeding.

Parenting style on all of my characters is set to "personal growth". Again, everyone feeds the exact same stuff and follows the same routines. I'm wondering if these animals are bugged and also what I should do to fix the situations.